Royal Expert Predicts Which Scene In The Crown Will Make Prince William 'Furious'

Fans are counting down the days until Netflix premieres Season 5 of "The Crown" on November 9. The British royal family, on the other hand, probably not so much. Their actual lives get enough scrutiny in the press to begin with, but it's said that they're even less pleased to have their personal history dramatized on the show. Despite its many awards and reviewer raves, "The Crown" has also been criticized for not clarifying that its scripts take liberties with actual events and conversations, although Netflix finally added a disclaimer to "The Crown" for this new season.

Even with the caveat, the drama surrounding Season 5 of "The Crown" is going to be difficult for the palace in the weeks to come. The episodes will cover the 1990s, a particularly fraught time for the royal family. The decade saw the implosion of the marriage of (then) Prince Charles and Princess Diana, followed by the princess's tragic death several years later. 1992, which Queen Elizabeth famously called an "annus horribilis" (horrible year), saw Princess Anne and Prince Andrew divorce, and Windsor Castle suffer extensive damage in a fire (via The History Press).

King Charles III will undoubtedly be unhappy to have his embarrassing past dredged up. But William, Prince of Wales, may have an even harder time knowing his parents' marital troubles and his mother's death will be dramatized before millions. One expert predicts that one particular aspect of "The Crown" might infuriate the otherwise level-headed prince.

The new season of The Crown includes an infamous interview

Season 5 of "The Crown" will take viewers through the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, Charles' affair with Camilla Parker Bowles that led to his divorce from Diana, and the messy aftermath. The plotline of the series will reportedly cover Charles and Camilla's infamous "Tampongate" scandal. But the biggest bombshell this season is said to be the coverage of the controversial interview Diana gave to the BBC's "Panorama" show in 1995. It was later revealed that interviewer Martin Bashir used deceptive practices to gain the princess's trust (via BBC), which prompted William, Prince of Wales, to denounce the network. William added that the interview made a "major contribution to making my parents' relationship worse" and demanded that the footage never be shown publicly again.

The U.S. Sun spoke to noted royals expert Ingrid Seward, who said that William will be "furious" that the Netflix drama series is recreating the interview — in essence defying his wishes to bury the memory for good. "It must be very frustrating as he can't say any more because it will just give Netflix more publicity," she added. The Sun also revealed that some of Diana's actual quotes have been altered slightly for the show, supposedly to make Charles seem more of a villain in the drama.

William's representatives have yet to comment, but Netflix has issued a statement defending their decision to include a "dramatization" of the Panorama interview, "given the pivotal part it played during the time period the series covers."