Juicy Couture Is Staging A Y2K-Inspired Comeback With An Unexpected Collaboration

Silly Bandz, Disney Channel Original Movies, non-functional belts slung over low-rise jeans, and frosted hair tips. What do all of these things have in common? You guessed it, they're all famous trends of the 2000s (via Elle). For millennials, looking back at some of these style trends can give you those warm feelings of nostalgia — and if you were a fashion enthusiast way back when, one brand, in particular, might come to mind when you think of the 2000s: Juicy Couture.

According to Business Insider, Juicy Couture velour tracksuits were a major staple of the fashion trends in the early 2000s. Known for the tracksuits, their large purses, and, of course, their iconic Juicy perfumes, the luxury brand was all the rage among elder teen girls and young adult women alike. If you were a fan of the label, you're in luck, because on Nov. 1, 2022, Juicy Couture and Kraft Mayo teamed up to release a special collection that you won't want to miss, per Bustle.

Both brands are offering a smooth sensation

Taking a page from 2000s fashion icons like Paris Hilton, Juicy Couture and Kraft Mayo are collaborating to bring back the velour tracksuit trend in a very unique way. Per MarketingDive, the collection is named "The Smooth Lovers Collection" and will offer a fun twist on the original design of the Juicy tracksuits. Unlike the early 2000s design reading "Juicy," the back of the sweatpants in the new collection will read "Smooth" — in honor of the smooth texture presented by both the velour and the mayonnaise itself. Genius.

Bustle reports that the dark blue color of the tracksuit honors the Kraft Mayo label, and the collection also features a white tube top with rhinestones spelling out "Mayo Couture." The jacket is also bedazzled with rhinestones, with text that reads, "Long Live Velvety." Feeling nostalgic yet? The collection is available to purchase from Nov. 4, 2022, on mayocouture.com