Jinger Duggar's Teenage Dream Comes True With New Coffee Collab

The Duggars of "19 Kids & Counting" promoted a wholesome lifestyle that banned alcohol, dancing, and other pleasures most families take for granted. However, there's one worldly delight that the family indulges in freely and shamelessly: coffee. Look at the average social media feed of a Duggar family member, and you'll see plenty of pics of one of the sisters holding a mug or a Starbucks cup. Jana Duggar's Instagram bio lists "coffee" as one of her top interests, third only to "traveling" and "plants."

Now Jinger Duggar Vuolo is carrying the caffeine tradition to the next level. The "rebel" of the Duggar family may be wearing jeans and going to pop music concerts now that she's married and away from her parents' rules, but she still enjoys a hot cup of joe as much as ever. She certainly needs it, what with her two active daughters, her online cooking videos, and her new career as an author (Jinger's explosive new book drops in the spring of 2023). 

Perhaps that's why she's so excited about her latest promotional venture. After teasing on Insta that she had "a delicious surprise" announcement, she revealed it on her YouTube channel on Nov. 1.

Titled "I FINALLY GOT MY OWN!" (caps hers), the video showed her boarding a plane to Bend, Oregon. "It's the first time I've traveled without kids since I had kids," she confessed. On her arrival, Jinger met with a new friend who is helping her realize a teenage dream. 

You can now enjoy a cup of Jinger's Blend

Jinger Duggar Vuolo's "surprise" trip to Oregon was to meet with Anne, an expert from Matchbox Coffee. The small subscription coffee roaster, founded by three friends, is "committed to putting the quality back in quality time" by providing a top-quality brew. On her YouTube video, Jinger told her fans, "I'm going to have my own blend of coffee!" 

With Anne guiding her through the process, Jinger tasted six different coffees through a method called "cupping," which involves a lot of sniffing, stirring, and tasting to detect the subtleties of the coffees' flavor profiles. (Think of it as a wine-tasting flight for caffeine lovers.) From there, the Duggar daughter narrowed the field to three coffees, which the women mixed in different ratios — two parts Guatemalan and Brazilian coffee to one part Colombian — to make a blend that Jinger dubbed "amazing." 

That amazingness is now Jinger's Blend, "a medium roast with cocoa and toffee notes" available through Matchbox's subscription service. This new venture, which Jinger describes as "a dream of mine since I first tasted coffee as a teenager," has been applauded by thousands of fans on Instagram, including a couple of family members. "Yes sister! You've needed this for ages!!" rejoiced Jill Duggar Dillard.