The Shiny Eyeshadow Trend That's The Easier, Wearable Way To Nail The Euphoria Makeup Style

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Regardless of how people feel about the storylines in the zeitgeisty, intense teen drama, "Euphoria," everyone can agree that the outfits and makeup in the show are spectacular. After all, makeup even plays a role in some of the show's stories, as viewers saw during Cassie's 4 a.m. beauty routine scene when the character spent three hours working on her appearance before going to school (via YouTube). While spending three hours on skincare and makeup is a bit extreme, many beauty enthusiasts saw "Euphoria" as their cue to ditch the subtle no-makeup look and dip their toes into colorful "Euphoria"-inspired makeup.

Thus, the dramatic, unsettling-yet-exciting teen show signaled the resurgence of bold, artistic makeup. So makeup lovers have eagerly been flaunting graphic eyeliner, lots of sparkles, face gems, and bold lip colors in hopes of recreating their favorite "Euphoria" looks. As striking as these dauntless looks are, they're not always practical to create consistently. However, there's an eye makeup trend that exudes a "Euphoria"-esque vibe that you'll be able to do without pulling a Cassie and spending three hours on your makeup.

Try the Euphoria-inspired constellation look

If you want to look like you could be an extra on an episode of "Euphoria" but don't want to spend hours watching makeup tutorials and stressing out over how to get the perfect graphic liner, you should try constellation eye makeup instead. You'll still be able to break out your face rhinestones for this look, but it doesn't need to be perfectly symmetrical or planned.

 "It's hard to imagine rhinestones disappearing from the mainstream now that they've entered that space, because they are just so damn visually pleasing ... I've seen a ton of looks on IG and TikTok where stars or star formations are painted or stuck on the face, and many times a trail of rhinestones adorns them... makeup trends like this are fun to recreate," Donni Davy, the lead makeup artist from "Euphoria," told Byrdie.

You don't have to paint stars on your face to rock this look; all you'll have to do is just put some makeup rhinestones around your eyes to mimic a constellation. Even the one and only Dua Lipa flaunted this constellation-inspired, "Euphoria"-esque makeup trend, per Instagram, and the sparkle made her eyes pop more than ever. The Self-Adhesive Rhinestone Stickers are available on Amazon for below $10 and can help you get the look. Therefore, you don't need to be a character on "Euphoria" to achieve this look — all you need is some face crystals and creativity.