How To Replicate Cassie's 4 A.m. Beauty Routine On Euphoria

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HBO's hit show "Euphoria" is basically enough to turn any viewer into an empath. Characters in the series are deplorable in one episode, and find redemption in the next. Both the teens and adults who appear in the solemn, yet sparkly world of "Euphoria" are nuanced and complex. This plays out in their addictions, rages, dramatics, and morals. 

Fan favorite character Cassie Howard, who is played by Sydney Sweeney, is no exception. The positive conditioning that Cassie has received ever since hitting puberty has turned her into someone who constantly needs male validation. Not only does her identity revolve around it, but her storyline showcases how she crafts herself into the ultimate male fantasy as a kind of defensive mechanism. However, while Cassie is chasing the unrealistic persona that she wishes to achieve, the high-schooler simultaneously sabotages her self-image and the relationships around her. In Episode 3 of Season 2, Cassie channels the combination of her own nervous energy and her need for Nate Jacob's [Jacob Elordi's] validation into an elaborate self-care routine ... at 4 a.m. While most women aren't waking up before the sun to get all dolled up, read on to learn the products that Cassie uses, and apply them at your leisure.

Cassie Howard has an arsenal of beauty and self-care products

Cassie Howard's 3-hour routine begins at 4 a.m., as narrated by Rue [Zendaya], via YouTube. The montage of Cassie scrubbing, shaving and moisturizing is deceptively relaxing, as viewers can also feel Cassie's frustration at not being noticed by Nate Jacobs. But what constitutes a 3-hour 'get ready with me'? According to PopSugar UK, Cassie's beauty routine features the Heatless Hair Curling Ribbon ($48), Peter Thomas Roth's Cucumber De-Tox Hydra-Gel Eye Patches ($52), reusable sheet masks, and possibly, a Shea Moisture lotion. Along with product, Cassie also has a few tools in her beauty arsenal. Retailing for $195, the Jillian Dempsey Gold Sculpting Bar clocks in as the most expensive beauty tool, but she also uses a gua sha, a quartz facial roller, and another ice facial roller from Latme ($17). The publication notes that the entire routine could cost around $600.

In an HBO Max TikTok, Sydney Sweeney reveals the parallels between her real-life beauty routine and those of her character. "Most of those tools during Cassie's 4 a.m. manic routine, I brought from my own house because that is my manic routine," she said. (But parallels aside, let's not forget there are some pretty obvious differences between the two women.) "I'm just gonna bring a bin to set that day and I'll play with all the tools and you tell me if you like it," Sweeney added.