Here's How To Dip Your Toes Into Colorful, Euphoria-Inspired Makeup

Sharp graphic eyeliner, sparkly rhinestones, and neon eyeshadow — these are just a few components of the makeup looks you'll see on the Gen. Z hit TV show, "Euphoria" (per USA Today). The series' futuristic makeup looks are true works of art thanks to the signature techniques the "Euphoria" head makeup artist Donni Davy uses in her designs for the characters.

Earlier this year, fans immediately felt a jolt of euphoria after learning Davy was launching her own makeup line called Half Magic Beauty. Now, the wait for the much-anticipated makeup line is officially over — it launched May 17 on The line is filled with plenty of makeup products and tools that can help you look like an extra on "Euphoria." Some of the items include liquid eye-paints (matte, shimmer, and glitter formulas), lip liner/liquid lipstick kits, duochrome highlighters, an eyeliner wing stencil, and a dewy setting spray.

To nail "Euphoria"-inspired makeup, it's important to master the techniques and to hone in on your inner confidence as you rock the intricate look. According to Huda Beauty, Davy doesn't get too caught up on the mechanics of makeup, but rather she looks at the bigger picture and tries to tell a story through her art. "I was less concerned with making eyes bigger and eyebrows fuller, and more concerned with using makeup to tell stories and be cheeky and expressive," the artist explained.

The Euphoria look starts with a dewy base

The "Euphoria" look is one that highlights the eyes and keeps the skin looking fresh and natural, per Distractify. Traditionally, most TV and film sets tend to prefer using matte foundations and setting powder to eliminate shine that can reflect on camera. However, Donni Davy is able to keep the skin-like, creamy complexion on the actresses and not resort to caking their faces.

To get the "my skin, but better" glow, Davy uses a luminous skin tint to even out discoloration but allow the actor's skin to peek through (via Allure). She specifically relies on three buildable light-to-medium coverage foundations — Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation, MAC Face & Body Foundation, and Face Atelier Ultra Foundation Pro. Fun fact: Zendaya, who plays Rue on the show, actually recommended the MAC option. To sheer the foundation out and give an even more luminous look, Davy mixes the product with illuminating moisturizers.

To set the base, Davy actually doesn't use powders (via Huda Beauty). If you're wondering how the girls are able to stay fresh-faced and not turn into a greaseball, the secret to this makeup magic is Indeed Labs Nanoblur. Davy applies a light amount of the blurring and mattifying product with a Beautyblender on the T-zone area that tends to get oily. This technique works even better than powder, as Davy said the actors' skin can dry out by the end of their long,14-hour shoots.

Maddy's signature sharp wing is a stand-out look

Maddy Perez, played by Alexa Demie, has arguably the most stylish looks on "Euphoria" and is known for donning sultry outfits with cutouts and sharp winged eyeliner. Her fierce personality is reflected in her razor-like wings. If eyeliner could kill, "Euphoria" makeup artist, Donni Davy says Maddy's could certainly "cut through whatever stands in her way" (via Grazia).

The trick to getting the clean, precise lines that characterize her eyeliner is to use a fine-tip brush with the Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel (per PopSugar). Davy's makeup line, Half Magic Beauty, also launched the Precision Eyeliner Brush and Wing Magician Reusable Silicone Guide, which will be the perfect tools to use for a winged eyeliner look. 

To replicate her birthday look, apply a chunky black wing with fine black glitter, a sky blue inner-corner eyeshadow, and fake lashes (via TikTok). Finish off the look in typical Maddy fashion with a '90s-inspired, brown-toned lipstick and darker lip liner (per USA Today).

Maddy is mainly seen wearing jet black eyeliner on "Euphoria," but she has also rocked bold-colored wings. While her makeup is bold and beautiful, it's also timeless and transcends trends. According to Allure beauty writer, Kirbie Johnson, the reason Maddy's looks are a fan-favorite is because Demie herself has a "strong vision" and gives input regarding her appearance. 

Her looks emphasize more mature monochromatic details and use considerably less glitter and rhinestones than the other characters.

Cassie's retro-inspired looks give Twiggy vibes

Cassie Howard is Maddy Perez's best friend and ends up being one of her worst traitors (per Us Weekly). The troubled teen becomes infatuated with Maddy's ex-boyfriend, Nate Jacobs, after a one-night stand. To get Nate's attention, Cassie tries changing her looks but is unsuccessful. Out of desperation, she starts dressing like Maddy and is more successful.

Inspired by the 1960s icon Twiggy, Cassie's looks throughout the season have major retro vibes and incorporate an emphasis on lower lashes (per Instagram). Cassie's looks started with an ethereal innocence utilizing pastel eyeshadows and rhinestones. Sydney Sweeney, who plays Cassie, has sensitive skin so Donni Davy begins any look by applying Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre and Tarte Poreless Mattifying Primer (per TikTok). 

After a light layer of foundation, Davy uses cream blush for flushed cheeks and ABH Brow Freeze for a bushy brow. In one striking eye look, Davy applied soft pink eyeshadow in the crease with iridescent blue shimmer on the lid and a brown eyeliner in the outer corner. Davy finished the look by applying mascara to the top and bottom eyelashes and Benefit Cosmetics Lip & Cheek Tint, which extended outside the lip line.

As Nate and Cassie start hooking up, Cassie increasingly morphs into Maddy — resulting in hybrid looks. In one scene, Cassie wears white winged eyeliner with rhinestones in a nod to Maddy's signature appearance. She forgoes the blush and wears a lip gloss with a darker lip-liner.

Kat's fierce looks aren't here to play

Some of the boldest eye looks can be seen on the no-nonsense Kat Hernandez (Barbie Ferreira), according to Instagram. Hernandez starts out as a shy girl who doesn't wear makeup, and transforms into a confident young woman who hones her sexuality (via Bustle).

Donni Davy wanted to play up Kat's bold transformation by creating several red monochromatic looks for the fierce character, per TikTok. Kat often rocks striking jewel-toned or earthy terracotta eyeshadows and commonly wears metal studs on her eyes. Davy utilizes diffused lip liner to create a soft, plumped effect. The character usually wears brown-toned lipstick, but sometimes she'll don more vampy shades like deeper plums and reds (per USA Today, TikTok). During Season 2, she starts wearing delicate washes of color like pale yellows and light blues.

If you want to try one of Kat's more simple looks with a pop of color, PopSugar recommends her winter formal look. Apply chunky winged eyeliner using a fine-tipped brush and black gel eyeliner; extend the line past the inner corner to form a reverse cat-eye. Next, apply a bright red-orange liquid eyeliner to the inner corner of the lower lash-line. Finally, place rhinestones right under the outer corner of the eyes. Davy's Half Magic Beauty sells self-adhesive Face Gems that you can easily apply for a similar look.

Jules' artsy, experimental looks absolutely rule

One thing is certain about "Euphoria" — Jules' style absolutely rules. Jules Vaughn, played by Hunter Schafer, is a transgender girl who moves into town and befriends Rue (Zendaya); the pair later enter an on-again, off-again relationship (per Cosmopolitan). Her artistic eye makeup and flair for fashion are showcased in several memorable looks with daring, vivid choices full of color and glitter.

Donni Davy relies on Danessa Myricks Colorfix when she's doing a colorful look that doesn't involve black, per Allure. As Jules is known to wear neon colors, Davy often uses the cream shadow for Jules' vibrant abstract looks. Half Magic Beauty also launched products that can be used to get Jules' sparkly, colorful eye looks. Try the Chromaddiction Matte Eye Paint + Liner and GlitterPill Eye Paint + Liner.

One specific Jules look Elle highly suggests trying is the "Pink Lady." To achieve it, apply a light pink cream shimmer eyeshadow. Using a precision eyeliner brush and bright red liquid eyeliner, apply a rounded reverse cat-eye on the inner corners of your eye and stop midway on your bottom lash-line. 

While "Euphoria's" East Highland High School may be on break for a while, class is always in session when it comes to learning how to slay a makeup look.