How A Good Night's Sleep Can Help Advance A Woman's Career

Have you ever found yourself in a horrible mood and couldn't figure out why? Maybe consider how well you've been sleeping. No matter what challenges the day ahead might bring, we all feel better after a good night's sleep. Studies have even found that sleep might be the key to a productive workday, especially for women, who generally need more sleep than men, per Sleep Foundation

Women already have so many hurdles to navigate while pursuing a career, from workplace harassment to the gender pay gap and outdated stereotypes. Moreover, women typically have to work much harder than their male counterparts to be taken seriously. Even with progress being made towards equality, many women still bear much more responsibility than men when it comes to work-life balance and raising a family while pursuing a career, per Pew Research

Luckily, recent studies have shown that getting a good night's rest might be the key to tackling all these daily struggles, allowing women to advance far enough in their careers to make real, lasting changes in the workplace. 

Make sure you're well rested before climbing the corporate ladder

Women looking to make bold strides in their careers should prioritize getting good quality sleep. Studies conducted by Washington State University and the University of Minnesota-Duluth found that women who had a poor night's rest "had lowered intentions about their work status," according to U.S. News. The study found that women who were well-rested were more likely to have an elevated mood and to maintain productivity throughout the day. Likewise, lack of sleep can lead to poor work performance and lower-quality relationships within the workplace, per Fort Healthcare

Prioritizing rest has tons of great benefits overall. Fixing your sleep schedule is great for brain health, and you can avoid serious mental and physical health problems if you prioritize a regular, healthy sleep schedule. In addition to a good night's sleep, there are other things women can do to achieve their career goals. Avani Desai told Business Insider women can indeed have it all with just a few intentional focus shifts. She advised working women to find knowledgeable mentors with careers and goals they'd like to emulate and to seek out all the learning opportunities and resources available to them to "strengthen your skillset." 

She also encouraged women in leadership roles to create an inclusive work environment by surrounding themselves with like-minded, career-driven women. This will ultimately create a more flexible workplace that allows employees to balance their work and family lives easily and with greater understanding.