How The November 8 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Will Affect You If You're A Taurus

With the upcoming holiday season and following new year, now is the time for reflection and expressing gratitude. Spending time with loved ones and celebrating the memories of the year is a great way to spend this time, but on November 8, a full moon in Taurus will offer a time of change and new beginnings. Known as the Beaver Moon, the November 8 full moon is also a lunar eclipse — intensifying the energy of manifestation, but also of bringing truths to light, per Bustle. The outlet shares that these eclipses usually bring about very chaotic energy, and force us to face hidden secrets and the ways in which we move about the world. If you're a Taurus, this lunar event will bring about some interesting effects for your sign.

Seen as the sign that truly embodies its earthy energy, zodiac sign Taurus tends to imply groundedness and a pragmatic approach to most decisions in life, according to InStyle. Represented by the bull, the outlet shares that a typical Taurus can also be seen as stubborn and hard-headed, which may cause some difficulties for you during the full Beaver Moon on November 8, as it will be the catalyst for many different shifts in both energy and our perceptions. This lunar eclipse occurs in your sign, but may challenge certain core traits of your sun sign.

This full moon is full of eclipse energy

While full moons tend to represent new beginnings and transformation, the Beaver Moon is also a lunar eclipse, which implies chaotic, tense, even emotionally-charged energy on November 8, per New York Post. The outlet also shares that new beginnings of a different kind are likely to happen during this time, like break-ups, and even some breakthroughs. For the Taurus, Bustle reports that this full moon in their sign is likely to challenge their stubbornness and push them to get out of their usual comfort zone — the place Taurus's like to be the most.

According to Yoga Journal, eclipses may cause major shifts or disruptions in our energy, thought patterns, or perceptions, but that doesn't necessarily mean that these massive changes shake things up all at one time. Rather, the November 8 full moon gives the Taurus a chance to take gradual steps to transform and make the necessary changes in their lives over time. It is simply one stone on the pathway of their spiritual journey. This can mean opening up your mind or focusing less on groundedness and comfort in exchange for living life a little lighter or with more of a sense of adventure.

You're encouraged to lean into self-care

One of the most typical Taurus traits is their love for wellness and self-care. Harnessing their earthy energy, the bulls tend to stick to their creature comforts and lean toward feelings of luxury and leisure. If you're a Taurus, Bustle reports that this full moon and lunar eclipse energy urges you to focus mainly on yourself and your desires during this time. Embody your sun sign by practicing self-care, taking time for introspection about your needs and vision for your future, and staying away from the chaos and drama of eclipse season.

Hypebae also shares through a tarot reading that you can spend this time to reinvent yourself and focus on your own path. Per Allure, you can practice this by allowing the universe and the shifts brought by the eclipse energy to let things fall away that are no longer serving you in your life, and also by keeping in mind what parts of your live you want to improve or elevate.