Fun Bachelorette Party Plans That Have Nothing To Do With Strippers Or Vegas

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Of course, bachelorette parties can be super fun and exciting; after all, the idea is for the bride-to-be to enjoy some time with her loved ones before starting her journey as a married woman. But the planning can be stressful, and you might have to face some obstacles when you try to throw a bachelorette party. Plus, the bride-to-be's friends and family should be mindful of what not to say at a bachelorette party to avoid drama or conflict.

We're aware of the many stereotypes surrounding bachelor and bachelorette parties; when you first hear the phrase, you probably imagine a wild night filled with scandals and strippers. One hilarious movie that takes those stereotypes to extremes is "Rough Night," a film about a bachelorette party gone wrong. In the movie, a stripper accidentally gets killed during a wild bachelorette party. But in real life, your bachelorette party doesn't have to involve strippers or a trip to Las Vegas. While some might love those uproarious, movie-like scenarios, not everyone wants that type of bachelorette party. So, if strippers and Vegas aren't your ideal celebration, we have some other fun bachelorette party ideas.

A paint-and-sip

If the bride-to-be happens to be creative or enjoys the arts, a paint-and-sip is an excellent bachelorette party option. Paint-and-sips have become super trendy, combining creativity with light drinking, making them a fun weekend activity and night-out alternative to clubbing or raving. A paint-and-sip is just what its name describes: painting while sipping beverages. You can easily research paint-and-sips near you on Google to find venue options. Typically, when you go to a paint-and-sip venue, someone will teach the group how to paint something beautiful while you sip on wine or other drinks (via Pinot's Palette). A paint-and-sip will be fun because it will allow the bridal party to spend quality time together while creating a piece of art you will always have as a tangible part of the memory. Regarding price, attending a paint-and-sip usually costs between $25 and $50 for each person, per Paint & Sip Studio.

Anyone who likes this idea but doesn't live anywhere near a paint-and-sip venue, or isn't sure about committing to following along with a professional, can still have a more casual version of a paint-and-sip bachelorette party at home. If you do this, you should pick an area in your home where there will be enough space for everyone and put down something to prevent messes involving paint. When hosting a paint-and-sip, you'll need more than enough canvases for everyone, lots of paint so all the guests can paint what they want, and drinks for the group!

A karaoke night

Does the bride-to-be love to sing and be in the spotlight? If the answer is yes, you can't go wrong with a karaoke night. A karaoke-themed bachelorette party will be a fun night of music and singing for the bridal party. Anyone planning this type of bachelorette party must figure out where it will take place. For instance, you can look up specific karaoke clubs, such as Sing Sing Ave A in NYC. Furthermore, some bars and nightclubs have karaoke nights one or more nights each week, so if the bride-to-be has a favorite bar, you should find out if that venue has a karaoke night. For example, Grasshopper off the Green, a pub-style bar and restaurant in Morristown, NJ, has karaoke nights every Tuesday.

If you want to make this karaoke-themed bachelorette party super unique, all the guests should dress up as their favorite singer or the bride-to-be's favorite musician! Or, if you don't want to make the trip to a karaoke club or bar but want a karaoke bachelorette party, you can have the party at home with snacks, drinks, and a karaoke machine, such as the Singsation — Performer Deluxe Karaoke System. This karaoke machine is available at Best Buy for around $150, which likely won't be so expensive if the whole bridal party chips in to split up the cost.

A spa day or evening

On the other hand, a spa bachelorette party is a fun and more relaxing option if the bride-to-be isn't into partying or highly prioritizes self-care. Plus, a spa environment is an excellent place for bonding. Everyone knows that planning a wedding can be super stressful, so this type of bachelorette party will allow the future bride to calm down and enjoy some luxurious time with friends. Many spas are different, but some popular spa day experiences include massages, facials, and manicures or pedicures (via Spa Seekers). After all, what better way is there to celebrate a bride-to-be's upcoming wedding than some glamorous pampering?

However, you should keep in mind that spa days aren't usually cheap. According to What It Costs, a spa day can cost between $150 and $450 — or even more. But don't let those high prices stop you from having a spa bachelorette party. If the bridal party isn't comfortable paying a traditional spa's costs, you can have a more affordable spa-themed bachelorette party at home. For an at-home spa day or evening, you should stock up on various face and hair masks, nail polish for manicures and pedicures, and make a playlist with soothing music. There should also be some yummy finger food and mocktails to capture the indulgent spa experience without paying for professional spa prices.