The 'Moody' Joanna Gaines-Approved Paint Colors You Need In Your House

Joanna Gaines is back with another paint collection. Gaines, one half of the "Fixer Upper" duo, has a new show on Magnolia Network called "Fixer Upper: The Castle." In the show, Gaines and her husband, Chip, work to restore a castle in their beloved town of Waco, Texas.

Inspired by the history of the castle, Gaines released a paint collection, entitled the Castle Collection, curated by Gaines for her Magnolia Home line with Kilz. In an interview with Better Homes and Gardens, Gaines explains that she wanted people to incorporate the character and story of the castle into their homes if they chose to.

This collection has perfect timing, coming out not long after the National Kitchen and Bath Association released a design trend report stating that moody colors in the home will be a staple during 2023. The Castle Collection comes with 10 colors, containing classic neutrals and five dark and moody shades that are the crown of the collection.

Read about the colors and how to incorporate them in your own castle.

The five moody shades you need in your home

Moody Fig is a rich, deep burgundy that is sure to steal the attention in any room. While darker shades are typically reserved as an accent such as cabinets or a wardrobe, this color is still light enough to use on walls. If you want the room to still have a bright and airy quality, My Domaine recommends pairing burgundy with neutral shades like taupe or ivory.

If you're looking for another take on the green interior design trend, try Step Stool Green, a darkened olive, or Estate, a moody sage with gray undertones. The greens are versatile and can be used as either an accent or the main event. They're also great for smaller spaces; in the interview, Gaines commented that she used Step Stool Green in the guest bathroom of the castle.

For a soft, not quite black, color, Conservatory is a gothic charcoal gray. The color is grand and can probably be quite intense if applied all over a room. For a color like this, Gaines recommends starting smaller, such as painting the kitchen cabinets with a darker color or using it as an accent in a brightly painted room to make it pop.

Cottage Grove is a stunning navy blended seamlessly with a deep green undertone. It's a calming, entrancing blue, perfect for a bedroom or bathroom. My Domaine recommends using a darker blue in the bathroom to promote tranquility and rest.