Everything You Need To Know Before Going On A Couples' Cruise

If you and your significant other are tired of visiting the same local spots and spending hours binging Netflix together, then it might be time for a change of scenery – and your relationship might depend on it. In a survey by the U.S. Travel Association, 68% of couples say that travel is necessary to maintain a healthy relationship, and 63% believe that trips together are important in sparking romance.

One way to strengthen your relationship while exploring the world together is to embark on a couples' cruise. According to Expedia, the majority of passengers on cruise ships, even if they aren't specifically for couples, are romantic partners. Newly dating, engaged, together for years, or renewing their vows on the main deck — you'll find them all on just about any cruise.

However, cruising the ocean together may be more of a pain than a passionate getaway if you don't plan accordingly. Here's everything you must know before setting sail with your partner.

Prep your relationship first

Going on a cruise with your partner means you'll be in close proximity for days or even weeks at a time. And because the wi-fi on cruises tends to be notoriously spotty, you may not have a chance to escape from each other by scrolling through social media or texting a friend back home. Before booking a cruise, give your relationship a health check-up first, especially if you're traveling with your significant other for the first time.

Start by comparing your expectations for the cruise to make sure you're on the same page. According to Thrillest, a lot can go wrong on a cruise trip, from seasickness to rainy weather. Discuss how you'll each handle worst-case-scenario days to ensure you don't get disappointed.

Clinical assistant professor of psychiatry Dr. David Austern also explained to the Los Angeles Times that vacations often impact our executive functioning, making us more likely to get stressed and lash out at loved ones. Devise a plan for what to do if you get into an argument. For example, one person may temporarily head to the pool while the other cools off in the shared cabin.

When in doubt, a short cruise lasting just a few days might be better than a long cruise for couples testing the waters (no pun intended).

Get clear on the details

Before going on your very first cruise together, set aside a few hours to discuss the conditions and must-haves you each prefer. First, decide your budget and how long you want your couples' cruise to last. According to U.S. News, cruises can range from $120 per person for two nights to nearly $100,000 per person for five months on the ocean.

You should also plan where you want to go and what you want to do during your trip. Some cruises stop in romantic seaside towns that are perfect for couples. Others are all about onboard entertainment. You may also want to consider skipping family-oriented cruises. As The Travel explains, cruises not designed with couples in mind may only offer packages that make sense for families with kids. Look for adult-only cruises instead.

Finally, choose what time of year you want to cruise the open sea. Depending on your location, there may be hurricane seasons to consider, as well as extreme seasonal temperatures (per Frommer's). Booking during these times may save you a lot of money, however. Research your destination and ship preferences to help you nail down the best time of year for your preferences.

Make memories during your couples' cruise

Whether you choose a mini trip or a long getaway, the time spent on your couples' cruise will be over before you know it. Make the most of your trip together by taking advantage of all the cruise has to offer.

Many cruises have five-star dining experiences, according to Epicurious. Vow to peel yourselves away from the buffet and book at least one nice meal together while on the cruise. Consider treating yourself to some of the other luxuries offered, too, like couples' massages. Another activity to add to your cruise to-do list is watching the sunrise or sunset. Not only is it super romantic, but you also have the perfect, unobstructed view from the ocean.

Finally, make the most of the port stops scheduled during your cruise. Cruise Critic suggests researching the ports of call and planning memorable outings in each destination. For bonus points, brainstorm what activities light your partner up, and surprise them by booking a similar excursion.