5 Celebrities Who Have Rocked A Wolf Cut

Celebrities are notorious for constantly changing their hairstyle. And often, those styles become the hot new haircut of the year. In 2022, colors like fiery reds and bleached blondes are back in style, along with short cuts like pixie styles and shaved head looks, per Us Weekly. We've seen big celebs making some drastic hair changes this year like Cara Delevingne who switched up her classic blonde look for a brown-ish red hue and Ireland Baldwin who went bold with a buzzed platinum style.

One of the biggest styles of the year, though, is the wolf cut. According to Marie Claire, a wolf cut is a mix between a mullet and a shag. Most wolf cuts have curtain bangs and shorter pieces at the top that blend into the bangs. There is a lot of flexibility to a wolf cut β€” it works great for those with short hair or long hair and can be styled easily as it is meant to look messy and untamed. If you're considering the wolf cut for your own style, look to these celebrities who have rocked this style.

Billie Eilish shocked fans with her wolf cut debut

According to Allure, the wolf cut started to make its way back into the mainstream due to TikTokers trying it out in 2021. That same year, Billie Eilish shocked fans when she debuted her new style – not only did she dye her green locks blonde, she also sported a wolf cut that fans loved. According to Slice, the new hairstyle had a lot more meaning than surface level. Eilish told fans her new hair would signal "a new era" for her. Some people were so shocked by the change that they began spreading rumors that Eilish was actually wearing a wig.

In one of her most recent posts, Eilish proves that while the blonde has been replaced by a dark brown, the wolf cut is here to stay (for now, anyway).

Miley Cyrus may have been the one to truly start the trend

According to My Imperfect Life, the wolf cut is inspired by the trends of the 1980s. So, it makes sense that Miley Cyrus, who often emulates this era in her style and music, would be one of the first to latch onto a quintessential '80s hairstyle. Cyrus' hair started out as a full-blown mullet, but with time, she let her hair grow and transitioned into the now-trendy wolf cut look, per Glamour.

Cyrus kept her wolf look for quite some time, until recently when she stepped out with a more polished lob β€” aka long bob style.

Debby Ryan cut her long locks into a wolf cut

Debby Ryan, who is best known for her role in "Insatiable," per IMDb, also jumped on the trend behind Billie Eilish. At the time, the wolf cut was left to DIYers on TikTok (mainly Gen Z) who were promoting the haircut as a simple style you could do yourself. Not long after, though, celebs joined the trend, with Debby Ryan at the forefront, per L'Officiel.

The actress cut her long locks into a short, shaggy look, debuting it on her Instagram with the caption, "Also cut a bunch of hair off my head last month or whenever πŸ¦πŸ§β€." This was back in 2020, and since then, Ryan has continued to sport the look, adding in lighter colors and some more volume along the way.

Maisie Williams mixed the wolf cut with another big trend

Maisie Williams debuted her hairstyle with a mix of confusion and awe from fans. While at first, her style leaned more towards a mullet, per PopSugar, as it grew, it became the perfect example of a wolf cut.

According to Marie Claire, when Williams debuted her wolf cut, she also sported another big trend: the two-toned look. With a bright blonde on top and black pieces in the back, Williams was at the forefront of two major trends. While it seems as though Williams has gone away from the wolf cut recently β€” in fact, per her Instagram, she is now sporting the buzzed head look β€” there's no telling when she will return to this signature trendy style or what she will do next.

Taylor Swift sported a more tame wolf cut

Taylor Swift made headlines for her hair back in 2014 when she sported a mullet on the cover of British Vogue, per Refinery29. While she was seemingly ahead of her time, it wasn't until years later when the star would return to the mullet style, only this time rocking the more trendy wolf cut version.

In April of 2020, Swift posted to Instagram with a simple caption, "Not a lot going on at the moment." While this would eventually lead to some big news regarding her new albums, at the time, the focus was on her haircut. The singer, who is known for her blonde locks, was sporting a trendy wolf cut with shaggy bangs and textured waves.

Whether you choose to go bold with a two-toned cut or keep things more classic ala Taylor Swift, the wolf cut is a great option for those looking for something different without too much fuss.