Your Guide To Looking As Stylish As Possible In A Beret

No matter the time of year, a beret is a stylish accessory that will elevate your look from simple to chic. However, berets are also an underappreciated way to keep your head warm during colder months. They can be styled to look modern or vintage, and can be worn with anything from leather trousers to a super cute miniskirt. Even supermodel and style icon Bella Hadid is in on the trend, having been spotted wearing an effortlessly cool look in the form of a leather beret with a houndstooth coat and black heels (per Who What Wear).

Typically associated with dreamy images of Paris and the quintessential cool French girl, berets come in many different styles and textures, from tartan and leather to classic black berets made of wool. They are also a firm favorite amongst the so-called "Scandi Set," though this fashion pack prefer theirs with a low-sitting rise, per Vogue. Whatever your stance on berets is, you'll want to rock one more than ever after seeing the numerous ways you can style the oh-so-chic hat.

Positioning your beret correctly is crucial to it looking good

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, stylist Roxy Harding described the beret as one of the best ways to upgrade your outfit. She reiterated that one of the first influential people to make the beret fashionable was designer Coco Chanel, though nowadays, you're likely to see a beret on anyone from pop star royalty Beyonce to actual royalty Kate Middleton (via Town&Country). She also gave some tips for pulling off a beret, the main one of which is to make sure your beret is lifted away from your face.

In order to achieve this, you'll need to tilt your beret. Harding advises to "place it on your head so that the brim is fitted, then tilt it ever so slightly to one side. Whichever way feels most natural." The most important thing to remember, according to Harding? That a beret is "a powerful accessory that can change an outfit in its entirety" — in other words, you will instantly feel cooler when you wear it.

The key is to make sure your beret remains the focal point of your outfit

Now that you know how to position a beret, the first style tip you should consider is that the beret should be the focus of your outfit. This means everything else should stay relatively understated and minimal, from your makeup to your shoes. As suggested by Glamour, a good way to ensure you don't look over the top when wearing a beret is to tone everything down and opt for a "clean girl" makeup look.

Classically elegant French women like Lea Seydoux are also known for their less is more approach to makeup, so it makes perfect sense that keeping your makeup natural will give your look some added French flair. You can do this by going bare-faced with a bold lip like the French do, or by opting for blush, mascara, and a tinted lip balm to create a fresh-faced look that won't detract from your beret (via Harper's Bazaar).

Get creative with the texture of your beret

The second thing to consider when choosing a beret is the texture. We've probably all seen the classic, slightly fuzzy wool beret, but that isn't the only texture available. In fact, as outlined by Harper's Bazaar, a beret made of patent leather, velvet, or corduroy will add an unexpected element to your outfit and update it to look more modern. This is an especially good tip if you're worried about looking more like a 1950s nurse than being photographed for your cool streetwear style.

Another great way to update your beret is to match its texture with the rest of your outfit. For example, if your beret is made of cord, a pair of cord trousers or a cord jacket will bring the look together. Patent leather is also a texture with tons of modern streetwear appeal. Per Vogue, the fabric is once again having a moment, so consider pairing your patent beret with some over-the-knee boots for a sexy and on-trend look.

Though you can style a beret in different ways, following these tips is key to pulling it off

If you're still unsure about how to wear a beret, we've broken it down into a few simple steps, as outlined by Byrdie. Position your beret so it is covering a quarter of your head, leaving three-quarters free. It should be an inch or so behind the ears, with the brim tucked to prevent it from falling throughout the day. One side should also be pulled down, as this will create the iconic slant of a classic beret. If it's an extra chilly day, you can pull your beret down to cover your ears completely, though make sure it doesn't cover your forehead too much.

If you hate the feeling of tightness around your head, Who What Wear suggests going a size up in a beret if possible. This will prevent any itchiness from the wool, too, as it won't be pressing on your head as tightly. If you hate the sensation of wool-like fabrics against your skin, you can position the beret so it sits on your hairline, just before your forehead starts. 

A beret is simply a fashion accessory that needs to be considered more carefully

Now you know how to style a beret with confidence, we've got to address the elephant in the room. Yes, we mean "Emily in Paris." Emily may have jetted around Paris in some supposedly French outfits, quite a few of which involved berets, but one beret does not equal French girl chic (via Refinery29). Interestingly, most people who find it difficult to style berets are worried that they will look like they're playing dress up. 

Still, by taking everything above on board, you're already over halfway to styling a beret well. If in doubt, make like the fashion pack and opt for a monochromatic look (per Marie Claire). An all-black, all-beige, or even all-pink look will instantly make you look more put together — just remember to keep your beret the focus of the outfit. 

It may all sound a little daunting, but by following the above tips, your beret look will come across très chic rather than a last-minute attempt to cover your greasy hair (no judgment).