The Hair Highlighting Trend That's Perfect For Low Maintenance Dimension

Every year, countless people decide to highlight their hair to brighten their locks without committing to a full head of all blond or caramel hair. There's always been a debate regarding babylights vs. highlights and which hairstyle is the better choice. Both options are fun, and there are plenty of methods for lightening your strands. Therefore, it's no surprise that there are over 20 million posts dedicated to #highlights on Instagram. Plus, people typically have to choose between full or partial highlights at the salon (via Byrdie) based on how intense of a look they want and how much money they want to spend.

Furthermore, instead of traditional, sunny highlights, many people opt for other variations of highlights, such as a balayage for low-maintenance lighter hair with a faded effect. Meanwhile, chunky highlights offer a sassy, nostalgic appearance with a lot of contrast. 

And now there's a new highlight trend that's low maintenance but still noticeable and looks great during any season.

Ribbon highlights provide a soft contrast

If you want to try a trendier variation of classic blond highlights but don't want to commit to intense streaks, ribbon lights are your best option, and you won't need to worry about using styling tools to keep the style looking good. 

"The highlight color is one to two levels lighter than the overall base color to give the hair reflective qualities without being stripey... depending on how fast your hair grows and how extensive your ribbon lights are, your color may need a touchup anywhere between three to six months from your initial salon visit," Sunnie Brook, a celebrity hairstylist, told PopSugar. Try to think of this trend like a bunch of ribbons flowing in your hair, but instead of actual ribbons in your tresses, it's strands of lightened locks.

You can find many examples of this look by searching #ribbonhighlights on Instagram. For instance, dainty bronde ribbon highlights add a lovely dimension to dark brown hair and light blond ribbon lights beautifully enhance blond or brown hair. Plus, pink and white ribbon lights are another fun option if you like this ribbon-inspired trend but want something more dauntless!