Zayn Malik Calls On UK's Prime Minister In Revealing Personal Statement

The United Kingdom has endured several governmental changes over the last few months. Not only has Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-serving monarch passed away, but their Parliament has seen critical changes. According to NPR, the British Parliament will have seen five prime ministers in 6 years, an uncommon situation to say the least. It started with the Brexit vote from David Cameron, who would eventually resign and be replaced by Theresa May. May was replaced by Boris Johnson, who would also resign.

Liz Truss would replace Johnson. She even got to meet Queen Elizabeth before her passing. However, after a mere six weeks, she too would step away from the gig. Now, Rishi Sunak has taken over as prime minister (via the BBC). This is the second time he has run for the position, making British history after winning following the exit of Truss.

U.K. citizens are now calling on Sunak to keep certain social programs intact. Former One Direction singer, Zayn Malik, is one of the latest celebrities to urge Sunak to uphold an important cause.

This cause is close to Malik's heart

Celebrities in the United Kingdom have been urging the government to provide free lunches in schools. Manchester United star Marcus Rashford led the fight for a meal a day to be provided to U.K. school children (via The Guardian), and now One Direction star Zayn Malik is joining the movement.

The fight is personal for Malik, who wrote a letter to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak stating that he was dependent on free school meals when he was a kid, according to the BBC. As a child living in Bradford, he recalled children stealing from school canteens because they needed food so badly.

"These children are suffering from lack of concentration, some even resorting to stealing food from school canteens because they are so hungry but can't afford to buy lunch. They are also feeling shame which is directly impacting their physical and mental health," Malik wrote (via BBC). "I know what that shame feels like, I have seen it first-hand, as growing up in Bradford, I relied on free school meals."