Exit Polls Are Not Kind To President Biden

One of the big stories coming out of the midterm elections has nothing to do with someone who is actually on the ballot. Indeed, President Joe Biden, who is about to turn 80, got some bad news from exit polls — and what voters said may be giving the Democrat some things to think about when it comes to his future plans.

First, let's consider what the commander in chief noted regarding his plans to run in 2024, just last month. "I have not made that formal decision, but it's my intention – my intention to run again," he declared in a recent interview (via CNN).

Unfortunately, if midterm voters have anything to say about that pending decision, they are definitely not on board with his way of thinking — and overwhelmingly do not want to see the leader run for re-election.

A whopping two-thirds of Americans said in exit polls they hope Biden steps aside and gives up his bid for another term in the White House, according to the New York Post.

Exit polls predict a potential referendum on Biden's presidency

The Telegraph called exit polls "brutal" for President Joe Biden, reporting that a CNN poll found 54% of voters are not pleased with how the President is running the country. Meanwhile, almost half of those polled blasted Biden, reporting that their finances are worse now than when he took office.

The Hill noted that inflation topped the list of issues that guided most voters' decisions in the voting booth. The outlet also reported cringe-inducing news for Biden, with an Edison poll finding less than half of Americans are happy with the job the President is doing.

At time of writing, it's unclear if Republicans will fully realize the red wave they were hoping for in the House and Senate. However, The Hill states that when Democrats won control during the last midterm election under President Donald Trump — who is yet to announce if he will run in 2024 — his approval rating was similar to what we are seeing with Biden now. Given that fact, we may see a flip to Republican power in the legislative branch after this landmark election.