The Best Fall Color To Wear If You Have A Neutral Skin Tone

One of the welcome changes of moving from the warm summer months into the cooler season of fall is the chance to pull out your favorite leather jacket, pair of boots, and knits that have stayed carefully hidden away in your closet. Yes, the cold breeze might necessitate covering up a little more than you did a few weeks ago, but that doesn't in any way mean you have to compromise on style. 

Your skin tone plays a crucial role in the colors you choose. However, it's worth noting that skin tone is actually more about what lies beneath what you see — your skin's undertone. Suggestions of blue or pink in your complexion denote cool undertones while yellow, peach, and golden hues signify warm undertones, and neutral is an undertone with no obvious color tie-in (via Saved by the Dress). 

While there is plenty of advice out there on the best clothing colors for each skin tone, it is generally understood that people with neutral skin tones have a wider playground — as long as they avoid very bright colors — because they're essentially made up of warm and cool undertones, per Stitch Fix. Be that as it may, let's figure out which colors suit a neutral skin tone during this beautiful fall season.

Try muted yellows, taupe, and jade green

Muted yellows, jade green, dark tans, and brownish grays are all great colors to play with this fall if you have a neutral skin tone, according to Foreo. When wearing white, make sure that it's a creamier tone since anything too bright is a big no-no. A lightweight taupe cardigan over a long, casual dress, a tan trench coat over your favorite pair of jeans and t-shirt, or a buttery yellow slip skirt paired with your go-to fall blazer are all great choices for a neutral skin tone.

Fall is the perfect in-between season so some creativity in combining the season that just passed and the one that's to come can give you more freedom with your choice of clothing, too. For instance, Masterclass suggests pairing a light summer number with some layering or a turtle-neck sweater you'd usually pull out for winter with midi skirts. If you're stepping out for a more festive occasion, make sure to pair your fall outfit with the ideal jewelry to suit your skin tone.

You can also opt for the universal fall color

Happily, the traditional and inviting fall shade of red works well on all skin tones, as noted by Who What Wear, although you may have to pay attention to the shade of red that you choose. Despite the fact that you can match the colors of the leaves on the trees with your red ensemble, those with neutral skin tones should go for more muted tones of the shade, like burgundy or maroon (via Outfit Trends).  

A perfect complement to the festive nature of the season, according to Real House Moms, red is as versatile as it is striking. You could opt for a long maxi dress with red fall prints or a red cardigan worn with casual jeans and a t-shirt (via Dress Barn). Red pants add a pop of color; pair them with a classic white t-shirt and dark blazer or combine them with a sweater in an earthy hue, Curated Taste advises. 

A neutral skin tone doesn't mean you have to stick to neutral colors, so don't be afraid to experiment as the weather gets cooler and the leaves start to fall.