The Harry Potter Character You'd Relate To If You're A Scorpio

All the signs of the zodiac hold very interesting characteristics and personality traits, per YourTango. Some are extremely motivated like Aries, others are devoted to their loved ones like Taurus, some are highly creative such as Cancer, and others are true and loyal friends like Scorpio. Those born under the sign of Scorpio are said to often be misunderstood by others as they have a reputation for being very intense and can sometimes come off as insensitive and harsh. However, the water sign is actually very emotional, even if they have a knack for telling the cold hard truth (via Prep Scholar).

Scorpios are said to be one of the most loyal of the zodiac and are also brave. This means that they'll do nearly anything to protect those they love and be ready to stand up for anything that they deem unfair or unjust (via Zodiac Sign). The sign thrives on facts and is often thought to be very resourceful and hard-working. When they are passionate about something they'll be determined to do a good job, although they are also known to be a bit distrusting and jealous from time to time. Scorpios also have hot tempers and can even get violent in some cases.

In the entertainment world, there are plenty of fantastic characters with Scorpio energy, and that rings especially true in the "Harry Potter" universe.

Scorpios may gravitate toward Sirius Black

Sirius Black is one of the most beloved characters in the "Harry Potter" franchise. The character was born on November 3, making him a true Scorpio, and his personality traits prove it. According to Pinkvilla, Sirius is a classic Scorpio who is courageous and has an abundance of love for those close to him, especially Harry, who is the son of his late best friend James Potter. Sirius had a tough life, but never let that kill his spirit. He took on all of the challenges that life dealt him and still came out the other end with his passion and heart intact, per Buzzfeed.

Of course, Sirius also displayed other Scorpio traits such as the sign's reputation for being broody, dark, dangerous, and full of secrets (via Screen Rant). The character kept plenty of secrets, including Peter Pettigrew's identity and involvement in the death of Harry's parents, James and Lily. However, Sirius' sweet and caring side never faltered in his love for Harry and he offered the young boy a home away from the abusive Dursleys, who made Harry's time away from Hogwarts a nightmare. Sirius did all he could to protect Harry during his life, and Harry's life was forever changed because of his kindness.

However, Sirius isn't the only "Harry Potter" character with major Scorpio vibes.

Harry and Voldemort also give off Scorpio vibes

Many other "Harry Potter" characters besides Sirius Black also have Scorpio energy. According to Screen Rant, Molly Weasley exhibits Scorpio traits with her deep love for her large family and her fierce ability to protect her children. In addition, the franchise's big bad Voldemort also has some serious Scorpio vibes. According to the New York Post, Voldemort's unstoppable nature and his determination to not only destroy Harry but also take over the world reveal classic Scorpio traits. Voldemort rose to power by becoming a leader and was motivated to finish the job that he started years before Harry's birth, making him a hard-working villain with a stubborn streak.

In addition, the franchise's title character, Harry Potter, has also been known to show off some Scorpio characteristics, per Game Rant. The water sign is known for being powerful and passionate and that describes Harry perfectly. He is the heart of the franchise, and never gives up even when he's faced with horrific odds. He's also the most loyal of friends to those he loves, such as Ron, Hermione, Sirius, and the rest of the gang. Harry's intense nature, inspiring strength, and brave soul make him a character that Scorpios can really relate to.

Whichever character your Scorpio heart resonates with, there's likely a good reason for it, as "Harry Potter" is full of wonderful characters that every member of the zodiac can love and hate.