The Harry Potter Character You'd Relate To If You're An Aries

Each member of the zodiac is special and unique, so it's no wonder that astrology has become so popular on platforms such as YouTube over the years. Although members of the zodiac may share similar traits with others, those born under the same sun signs are forever connected. For example, if your sign is Aries, you likely enjoy being on top, as you're passionate about the things you care about and make a great leader, per Allure. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and the fire sign has a reputation for making everything into a competition that they plan to win (via Co-Star Astrology). They can easily be talked into doing things, and are known for getting angry quickly. The sign is said to be blunt with their words, but can also entertain a crowd.

According to Well and Good, Aries are ambitious and hard-working, and can often be the person who has a great idea or motivates the rest of their team to get started. However, when the sign sees something that it wants, their ruthless nature can appear. Aries' quest to be the best may also have them appear as selfish at times, but their fearless and bold nature draws people to them nonetheless.

In entertainment, there are many great characters with Aries energy, and in the world of "Harry Potter," some fan favorites have amazing Aries vibes.

Aries will likely connect with Fred and George Weasley

"Harry Potter" fans likely can't get enough of the franchise's jokesters, Fred and George Weasley. The twins are not only members of the beloved Weasley clan, but they are also the comic relief on more than one occasion. The duo was appropriately born on April 1 (April Fool's Day), making them Aries by birth (via The Things). However, they also display some very interesting Aries characteristics as well. The brothers are full of energy and are driven to accomplish their goals, whether it be playing a prank on someone or opening up their own business. The sign is known to make their own fun, which describes the Weasley twins perfectly.

Fred and George also show off their Aries traits when they take charge of a situation. However, like the fire sign, the duo can also be very impulsive, which gets them into trouble multiple times throughout the series. Although they are known for being goofy, the pair are actually very brave and appear to be fearless, which they proved during the times when they stood up to Umbridge or fought in the Battle of Hogwarts (via So Syncd).

Meanwhile, Fred and George Weasley aren't the only "Harry Potter" characters with strong Aries vibes.

Draco Malfoy and Oliver Wood also display Aries qualities

While Fred and George Weasley may be the ultimate Aries in the "Harry Potter" franchise, other characters also have strong Aries qualities as well. Fan-favorite character, Draco Malfoy, may be a bully and Harry Potter's enemy at Hogwarts, but his bold personality and fearless spirit may resonate with those born under the fire sign, per The New York Times. Draco often shows off his ambition by trying to beat Harry in all things and become a leader within the Slytherin House. Although he has issues with his family and a strong affiliation with the dark arts, Draco is one "Harry Potter" character that Aries fans may find intriguing.

Meanwhile, Harry Potter's fellow Gryffindor and Quidditch teammate Oliver Wood is said to possess some Aries traits as well (via Game Rant). Oliver's love for sports and fiery temper makes him the perfect example of an Aries. Of course, he's also a leader as the captain of the Quidditch team and has a strong competitive nature. He also takes a lot of pride in his role as team captain, as any true Aries would.

Knowing which characters to pay close attention to may help Aries enjoy "Harry Potter" a bit more. So, settle in for a movie marathon and let the fun begin.