What You Need To Know About The 2000s Tropical Print Fashion Trend That's Come Back Around

We've seen a lot of 2000s trends come back recently, from baby tees to micro miniskirts that are so short they could be classed as a belt (via Vogue). The Y2K revival is truly underway, but it seems that some trends are less well received than others. Whether you love the chunky wedge and capri pant combo of 2000s dreams or just want to close your eyes and pretend you can't see everyone wearing butterfly clips, there is one trend that is more controversial than the rest: tropical print.

No longer the mainstay of dads everywhere, it seems that tropical print truly is making a comeback. The humble Hawaiian shirt was previously banished to the back of wardrobes, but with more celebs and models spotted wearing some form of Tropicana-inspired pattern (via The Zoe Report), it's clear that a revival is here. 

There's no need to worry, though, as this time around tropical print is less garish and more fashion — think strappy dresses and halter neck tops rather than shirts and cargo shorts.

The trend is all about vacation vibes and freedom

As stated by Who What Wear, the tropical print trend of the 2020s isn't necessarily about sticking to one print, but more about expressing a vacation-esque feeling. The free-flowing silhouettes of shirts, miniskirts, and dresses all help to emulate the calm and relaxing feel of a vacation, even if you're only going to your local grocery store. 

If you're not convinced, celebs certainly are. Per Bustle, Bella Hadid has been seen rocking Hawaiian print on at least one occasion. Snapped getting out of a car, the model paired her midi tropical print dress with chunky ribbed white socks and dad sneakers, combining the early 2000s with the early 2020s. Dua Lipa also got in on the trend earlier this year, posting a photo of herself in a bikini and tropical button-down shirt on Instagram. Plus, who could forget Jennifer Lopez's iconic green dress moment?

So, which pieces should you be looking out for to create the vibe of a cool girl on holiday and not a sunburnt dad?

The key is to go for loose and flowy pieces that have a carefree vibe

If you're looking to feel luxurious in your tropical print (yes, it can be done), Harper's Bazaar suggests Versace. The brand released a ton of stunning green and blue pieces that will glow against sunkissed skin. For a more affordable look that's still super on-trend, this skirt by & Other Stories perfectly captures the freedom of being on vacation with a touch of retro flair. Pair with woven wedges and a crisp white shirt for an elegant look.

If your love of tropical print stems from watching cult classic 2000s movies like "Aquamarine," you can never go wrong with a sarong-style skirt or handkerchief top, both of which will tick off two Y2K boxes in one when paired with a tropical print.

It may be getting colder, but as soon as the weather heats up again Hawaiian shirts will be back on the streets. Start readying your wardrobe with tropical prints now — this is one 2000s trend we can see sticking around for a while.