What To Know About The New Salon Hair-Color Treatment, French Gloss

Every time you pop into your hair salon to get a new trim it seems like there's some new hair treatment that your stylist is harping on about you needing. We've all learned to develop a built-in gimmick detector when it comes to such things. The odds are it's merely the latest product the salon is trying to push. That is until you start to notice that every treatment you so politely declined is popping up all over TikTok or Instagram, and suddenly it's worth reconsidering. After all, the Olaplex movement began as a professional hair salon treatment before it expanded into today's fan-favorite haircare brand, per Vogue.

There's a vast array of benefits you can get from each hair salon treatment, but there are a few trigger words that everyone's always drawn towards, and gloss tops that list. You're here to get your hair done and emerge looking transformed, so it always helps when your stylist throws in an extra step to give you that hair-ad glossiness that you can never seem to replicate at home. Well, the next time your stylist mentions the words 'French Gloss' it's time to listen because this latest hair gloss treatment goes above and beyond. The only con is you might get addicted to that unmatched glossy finish.

A hair gloss's better Parisian sister

Get used to hearing the words French Gloss pretty often as of now. The brand new hair craze has become the top requested hair salon treatment, and professional hair stylist Massimo Tirimaco predicted it all when he called french glossing out as the top hair trend of 2022, per Marie Claire. Hair glosses have been a favorite addition to a hair salon trip for quite some time now, but what differentiates its French counterpart from it? 

Typically a hair gloss works to add an additional layer of demi-permanent color to your hair to achieve extra glossiness, well French glossing does a little more than that, according to Popsugar. A French gloss applies a permanent color to your roots while also distributing an acidic gloss to the ends of your hair. The treatment is especially popular in the case of balayage or ombre hair dyes as the effects of the gradual gloss come across much clearer. 

L'Oréal Professionnel global ambassador Min Kim explained to Popsugar, "This is a service that will extend the life of your color and also keep hair looking its absolute shiny best self." L'Oréal has essentially spearheaded the 10-minute French gloss movement. Kim added, "All clients can receive this service, no matter their chemical history, hair length, or texture type." Refinery29's Maybelle Morgan tried it herself and couldn't get over the glossiness as she raved, "I'm an absolute convert to French glossing. Even after sleeping on it, the frizz is minimal and the sheen is still there."