Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth Spills On Her Secret Getaway With Husband Austin

Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth did not know where her husband, Austin Forsyth, had planned to take her for her secret birthday getaway. Joy-Anna, known for her family's TLC reality television series "19 Kids and Counting" and spinoff "Jill & Jessa: Counting On," has been vlogging family content on YouTube for her channel, FollowtheForsyths. A recent vlog captures their weekend away from parenting duties — their kids were left with Austin's parents. Joy-Anna speculates in the car, her kids strapped into car seats behind her, "Maybe he's bluffing, and maybe it's not actually happening today."

After opening birthday gifts at her in-laws' house — which included a pumpkin candle and a wooden platter — the pair drive off down a tree-lined road. Austin, whose family once appeared on CMT's "World's Strictest Parents," and whose family's recreational camp, Fort Rock Family Camp, has become a subject of speculation when it was revealed the camp held "cult-like lectures," then makes the reveal from the driver's seat. "We are going to Branson and we are staying at the College of the Ozarks Hotel, The Keter Center, and it's pretty nice, really nice," he says.

Joy-Anna gushes about the hotel's turndown service and breakfast in bed. She continues, "I'm feeling so blessed and encouraged by my husband. ... he did such a good job keeping it a surprise, I did not catch on."

A few birthday festivities

Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth revealed in the YouTube video that the hotel left her a birthday note in her hotel room, which was filled with soda, snacks, and balloons. She pans the camera around their hotel room, pointing out the bed and large bathroom. The two then head out for a few birthday festivities: a meal of Italian food, followed by mini-golf, which she calls their "date-night tradition." The pair then return to their hotel room where a plate of chocolate-chip cookies awaits them, adorned with the words "Happy Birthday" written in chocolate. Fresh milk was stocked in their mini-fridge. Joy-Anna then shows the camera a large, wrapped box — a gift from her husband — which she does not open on camera. 

The two then appear in the video the next day to show off their breakfast in the hotel room before going shopping. Joy-Anna Duggar recently shared big news, which had multiple family members chiming in – she and Austin Forsyth are expecting their third child — and she's been getting a relatable pregnancy craving that she indulged in on her birthday excursion when she bought herself a pickle at Silver Dollar City, an amusement park. As people who have followed the family for a while know, pickles are also a weird Duggar obsession, so it's likely Joy-Anna's new baby will also be into the snack when they arrive.