The 'Korean Blush' Nail Trend Is A Neutral-Lover's Dream

One thing you can always rely on is the nail community to continue to churn out new trends on a regular basis. One more thing is you're guaranteed to find a treasure trove of them on TikTok. Who hasn't fallen down a rabbit hole of scrolling endlessly through fascinating nail art videos while thinking 'I could do that.' Of course, sometimes things have a way of going too far. For example, we all could have done without the super creepy eyeball nail art era, per Allure. That was jarring. 

But when it comes to tracking trends in nail shades and nail art, TikTok is your spot. The platform has managed to set most beauty trends these days, so when something goes as viral as the Korean nail blush trend, it's time to listen up. One last beauty rule you can almost be certain of is that some of the best beauty trends have a way of originating from Korea. Well, throw all of the above into one and you have the latest nail trend you didn't realize you needed to try.

Up your neutral name game

One nail trend that will always be neutral nails. The shades and undertones may vary, but you can never go wrong with a nude. Of course, there's always room for getting creative with neutrals. You could opt for a french tip or even an ombre effect. But if you're as intrigued as the 18.9 million viewers under the TikTok #Blushnails then the Korean blush nail trend could be the next neutral remix for you. 

Blush nails are as literal as they sound. No, not blush tones, but actual literal blush as in the makeup product. Founder of Jinsoon Nails, Jin Soon Choi explained the trend to POPSUGAR as, "A more toned-down and natural sister to the aura nail trend." The trick to getting this aura-esque-looking nail is simple, and it will only require beauty products you likely already own. 

Korean blush nails are simple neutral beige or pink nails, only when you're done painting them you use either pink-toned nail polish or an actual blusher to lightly color in the center of the nail, per Teen Vogue. The trick is to use a small brush that you would typically use to blend out eyeshadow and make sure to time the application perfectly. Brush the blush onto the center of your nails while the polish is still tacky to get the most potent color out of it. It's that simple, and you'll have salon-level center ombre nails to give your neutral a little flair.