Gucci Items That Are And Aren't Worth The Money

Who doesn't love Gucci? Founded in 1921 in Florence, Italy, by Guccio Gucci, the iconic Italian luxury fashion brand has stood the test of time with its global appeal and eclectic mix of products. But, of course, owning a Gucci item doesn't come cheap, and while some things are worth the money, others are not. New York-based Italian fashion stylist Luciana Spatola says although luxury is not a necessity, it's still nice to treat yourself from time to time with a high-end item. "I suggest looking for timeless things and ensuring they will match many outfits and not go out of style the following year," Spatola told The List.

The last thing you want to do is spend a small fortune on something that sits in your wardrobe. So to help you avoid buyer's remorse, we've sought out top fashion experts to help you navigate the latest Gucci collection. Here are 15 Gucci items that are and aren't worth the money.

Worth it: These flat boots are a classic staple

Winters can be long and dreary, and having a comfortable pair of stylish and warm boots can make all the difference — this is where Gucci delivers. Made from high-quality Italian leather, these Gucci knee-high boots with a harness are designed to last, and with a price tag of $2,050, you wouldn't expect anything less. With a flat heel and a side zip closure, these boots are both practical and functional.

Nicole Pollard Bayme, CEO and founder of LaLaLuxe, a high-end fashion-style house in Los Angeles, has styled a long list of high-profile celebrities and says no closet is complete without a pair of timeless riding boots. Pollard Bayme gives these Gucci knee-high boots a big thumbs up. "They look great with skinny jeans in the winter, and we love to style them with a mini-skirt during the warmer days throughout the year," she told The List. New York-based Italian fashion stylist Luciana Spatola agrees and says these Gucci two-tone boots provide warmth and instantly make outfits look "effortlessly chic."

Not worth it: These fluorescent fabric boots are high-maintenance

Some products look like they were made solely for the runway or for someone who never leaves their Fifth Avenue penthouse without their assistant on stand-by to tend to their every beck and call — and these Gucci knit ankle boots look like that kind of item. Spending $1,250 on a high-maintenance item sounds like a nightmare for most of us. So, if you are a busy mom of younger children or someone who likes style to be accompanied by practicality, these boots are not worth it.

West coast-based, Spatola predicts these boots will be a headache. "Are you ready for a big hassle? These knit fabric boots can make your life hard," Spatola told The List. "They require too much maintenance to make them last longer." Meanwhile, Pollard Bayme is a fan of these boots' aesthetics and thinks they are a beautiful statement piece, but said: "They have to be worn with delicacy as they are easy to snag. The possibility of ripping and ruining them just scares me!"

Worth it: This warm coat is a timeless piece

Wool coats are a must-have winter item and finding the right one can be a real challenge. Pollard Bayme says that wool coats keep you warm while adding a chic, classy element to a modern wardrobe. "Given their timeless look, they'll be wearable for years to come. They are an investment piece no one should hesitate in investing in," she added.

If you are looking for a wool coat that can pop over almost every outfit, look no further than this Gucci Grey tweed wool belted coat. It gives off elegant vintage vibes and will see you stepping out in style all fall and winter. The $3,900 price tag is justified if you want a long-term outerwear investment. The long cuffed sleeves and gold buttons on this classic coat add that extra detail you expect from a quality Gucci item. Spatola says, "your wardrobe never goes out of style with this coat."

Not worth it: This sweatshirt is a bit tacky for the price

When you're looking for a sweatshirt, you're probably not looking to pay $1,800, and if you are, then your best option is to select one that won't date and screams high fashion. Unfortunately, the Exquisite Gucci cotton sweatshirt doesn't fit the bill. The design is not appealing enough to pass as a contemporary take on a vintage or retro style and has more of an untrendy cowgirl feel. Also, with the sweatshirt's colorful font and metal buttons, New York stylist, Spatola calls it "a bit unstylish."

Pollard Bayme, a front-row regular at fashion week, is not a fan of this piece. "Pay for anything else first before this sweatshirt. Nothing works here," advises the west-coast-based stylist. "With the money, you save from NOT buying this, pay your rent or sip 180 organic lattes at Erewhon! Anything else besides this fugly sweatshirt is money well spent," she jokes. That sounds like sage advice. We will skip the sweatshirt and take the lattes, please.

Worth it: This bag is a must-have for formal events

The Gucci Marmont mini top-handle bag is a long-time Hollywood favorite, and for a good reason. Inspired by a stay at the celebrity-loved Chateau Marmont hotel in Los Angeles, Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele started his collection based on the place's unique aesthetic (via Gucci). Unsurprisingly, A-listers have fallen in love with the Gucci Marmont bags, from Haily Baldwin to Salma Hayek, so many fashion-loving stars have been proudly snapped with the Marmont bag on their shoulders.

Award-winning fashion blogger Em Sheldon calls Marmont bags timeless and versatile. "I've put this bag through its paces, and it's truly been a godsend; it's traveled the world with me, fit in more stuff than it probably ever should have, complimented every outfit," she wrote the EmTalks blog. Los Angeles high-end stylist Pollard Bayme agrees and gives this bag a big nod. "Having a classic mini bag or clutch with a chain/ strap is key for formal events," she said. "You can use it as a shoulder bag, only carrying the essentials, and be hands-free to hold a glass of champagne." So pass the champagne and the credit card, this one's worth the $2,390 price tag.

Not worth it: You know you're loved, your handbag doesn't need to tell you

Gucci launched its Diana collection in the 90s, which is a tribute to Princess Diana, who loved the bamboo handle tote. The handbag has been reimagined by designer Alessandro Michele two decades after the original was worn by Princess Diana (via Vogue). There is a lot to love about the Diana collection, but the Gucci Lovelight Diana small tote bag is too busy to pass as chic and not stylish enough to justify the $4900 price tag. The white leather bag features the word 'Loved' in gold-toned studs and two decorative leather belt handle shapers that seem to clash with the golden studs and bamboo handle. There are just too many textures, and quite frankly, it's difficult to picture the elegant Princess Diana wearing this one.

Pollard Bayme, who regularly shops for high-profile clients and said she be reluctant to buy this bag. "Spreading love is something we do, but we'd be hesitant to spend this much on a handbag that can quickly feel outdated and like just another trendy piece." According to Italian stylist, Spatola, "this bag is a bit overpriced for a romantic feeling."

Worth it: Travel in style with this small carry-on

In 1897, Guccio Gucci, who founded Gucci worked as a bellboy at London's prestigious Savoy Hotel. Observing the style of affluent travelers changed his entire future. It inspired him to eventually return to Florence, Italy, to create his company which initially only sold high-quality, luxurious suitcases and trunks (via Women's Wear Daily).

Although the brand has since branched out into creating other luxury goods, its travel collection still delivers. This Gucci Marmont small carry-on is another example of how successful the brand is in creating luggage worth the $4,400 splurge. Available in black and camel and decorated with the historical GG motif, this small carry-on will have heads turning on the tarmac. With wanderlust vibes, this bag oozes style and shows off your identity as a lover of the finer things. Stylist Pollard Bayme says this bag will have you strolling through the airport looking like a true runway model, saying, "Want to show you're a fashionista? Invest in this trendy yet timeless carry-on that will match all your fabulous outfits."

Not worth it: You can get jogging pants you love for way less

These GG jacquard jogging pants come in a camel and brown GG jacquard fabric and have a green and red web detail, and are priced at $2,850. We can think of many other ways to spend that money. High-end fashion stylist, Pollard Bayme, asks a great question: "Why overspend on loungewear when you can use this money to invest in an amazing bag!?"

One Gucci customer wrote a comment responding to a positive review of the GG jacquard jogging tracksuit on YouTube and said that although the tracksuit is cool, it is "not worth the price you pay for and doesn't have the prestige." The disappointed customer said, "Everyone would think they are cheap and Gucci is just overpriced goods. I had one in red but sold it immediately." With that in mind, skip this collection and find a brand that offers more bang for your buck if you are after an elegant jogging outfit.

Worth it: This dress screams vintage vibes and glamour

The Little Black Dress (or LBD) is a fashion staple. Famous fashion consultant Tim Gunn, who hosts "Project Runway" and is the author of "Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible: The Fascinating History of Everything in Your Closet," created a list of 10 essential items that he thinks every woman should own. One of those items is a black dress. "A basic black dress should be in every woman's wardrobe. I say it all the time," Gunn preaches, according to the Oklahoman. "If you only have a basic black dress, it's much more about the evening, going out at night."

With its detachable Interlocking G-chain belt, white trims, and gold-toned GG buttons, it's hard not to fall in love with this stretch viscose Gucci dress. It fits Gunn's criteria and would be a great evening dress for cocktails, the theatre, or a fancy restaurant. Pollard Bayme calls this "the perfect little black and classic dress to have in your closet." At $3,900, this dress is worth it, especially if you are building a Tim Gunn-inspired capsule wardrobe.

Not worth it: Too tiny for the big price

The tiny bag style trend is a thing. Although it's not functional to carry a bag that won't fit your phone, keys, and wallet, this trend is about exclusivity because, let's face it: Spending a crazy amount of money on a tiny bag doesn't make sense to most people. Gucci has a range of little bags, including this Ophidia Key Case bag which costs $395. But, according to the luxury review YouTube channel, "Accounting For Luxury," this amount of money is not worth it for this Gucci bag because it's nothing more than "a teeny tiny little pouch."

Mini handbags like this Gucci one are what Purseblog calls "a flex of sorts." These bags are not for those who love practicality; they are for fashion lovers who want to make a point about their status in the world. If paying almost $400 to make a statement or "flex" is not your thing, save your pennies and invest in a more chic everyday bag that fits all your essential items.

Worth it: Be the life of the party and say yes to these sparkly shoes

Can you see the sparkle in our eyes? It must be love because these beautiful Gucci Lovelight crystal ballet flats with Horsebit give off a romantic vibe, and we are head over heels. High-end fashion stylist Pollard Bayme is also in love with these flats. "There is nothing like some sparkle to elevate a look," she told The List." These are perfect for any party or event; you will shine as soon as you step into the room, literally!"

The shoes are part of what Gucci calls a "whimsical collection" and a joyful reinterpretation of Gucci's heritage. This pair of ballet flats appear in a beautiful multicolored crystal leather, and if you think you can't put a price on love — Gucci has. These will set you back $920, but we believe that setback is worth it because these sparkly flats will make you look effortlessly forward. Fashion stylist, Spatola recommends pairing these shoes with a flowy party dress or a mini denim skirt for a sparkly day, "these will add a shining vibe to your wardrobe," she told The List.

Not worth it: Good luck keeping these sneakers clean

White sneakers are having a big fashion moment, and these women's GG embossed all-white sneakers look great. Their chunky heel gives them a fun, retro feel, and the GG embossed leather is subtle and chic. However, for almost $1,000, these shoes look like a nightmare to maintain. Fashion stylist, Spatola says, "despite the retro feel, it does not worth the money for a pair of white sneakers."

Fashion blogger and reviewer Amy Jackson from Fashion Jackson, who purchased a similar pair, said that one of the cons of these types of Gucci sneakers is the price and maintenance. "They can get dirty easily since they are white," wrote Jackson on her blog. But, according to Fashion stylist Pollard Bayme, "you can never go wrong with a pair of all-white sneakers." She said, "it may be difficult to maintain a crispy clean white sneaker, but they are trendy, versatile, and timeless all at once." So, if you have the money to spend and are up for maintenance, grab these sneakers, but we think you can pull off the same look with a less expensive pair of sneakers.

Worth it: Stay chic and sun-safe in these sunglasses

Sunglasses are the summer accessory that never lets you down. Even if you've put on a bit of weight over the winter, sunglasses are your loyal fashion companion and will always fit your face. Best of all, if you choose the right pair, you can look instantly stylish while lazing around on the beach. These Gucci round-frame interlocking G sunglasses are chic and have a shiny tortoiseshell frame. 

At $520, these timeless shades will protect your eyes and have you looking Hollywood-cool summer after summer. Stylist, Pollard Bayme, who has acted as a fashion consultant for royalty, says these sunglasses have been on trend for decades and are definitely worth the splurge. A big perk is that these sunglasses come in a selection of beautifully colored velvet cases and are easy to care for, as they come with a matching satin flannel pouch and ivory. They offer 100% UVA/UVB protection and are 100% stylish.

Not worth it: You can find cute stationery for way less

In September 2021, Gucci launched its first-ever stationery collection called "Gucci Cartoleria" (Italian for 'Gucci stationery') in Milan, Italy. The was inspired by creative director Alessandro Michele's childhood. "When I was a child, going to the stationery store and finding pencils, pens, and notebooks .. meant bringing a dream into my daily routine," Michele told CPP Luxury. But, let's be honest, when you think of Gucci, you don't think of stationery, so why spend $230 on this Tian print letter set?

Although the stationery range is charming and unique, most of us don't see the value in spending so much on decorative paper. Pollard Bayme says this print letter set is not worth it. "It's super cute but overpriced," she told The List. "At the end of the day, we run the risk of having all of our notes ending up in the dump." 

Worth it: An iconic Gucci print bag that is functional and stylish

Lovers of the Gucci brand can't go wrong with the Ophidia GG medium tote. Advertised as "a classic combination of the House's most defining codes — the GG motif and web stripe — this is a must-have item for those devoted to the Gucci brand's heritage and traditional style.

Pollard Bayme says oversized bags are back and bigger than ever. "We are seeing them all over the runways and in the streets of the most iconic fashion districts. It's all about finding the "new" cool tote, whether in a new geometric shape or handcrafted with exotic leather. According to Italian stylist Spatola, "This [tote] is a must-have for all Gucci lovers. This print tote bag is perfect for adding a stylish touch to workdays." So if you are in the market for a classic Gucci item that will last for years, the $1,650 price tag on this tote is justified.

Not worth it: This Gucci tee is too basic for the price

A stylish T-shirt and a pair of good jeans are wardrobe staples. Gucci T-shirts are a high-end item that can immediately transform any everyday outfit into something that makes you look stylish and on-trend. However, not all Gucci T-shirts are worth your money. This oversized Gucci vintage logo T-shirt debuted in 2016 and is an overpriced plain white tee with the Gucci logo and signature green and red stripes in the center. One fashion reviewer called this T-shirt a "legit item that looked like a bootleg" (via Dazed), and we tend to agree because it does look like it could be made in the garage using a Cricut, and for almost $600, you'd expect a bit more from Gucci.

High-end fashion reviewer, Cassie Thorpe, took to her YouTube channel to review this T-shirt and passionately professed that it's simply not worth the price tag."It's a nothing T-shirt, to begin with; it's extremely lazy. It's just a white T-shirt, and they've gone Gucci [by placing the logo in the center]," said Thorpe. With so many cool T-shirts out there, we think you can get something far more stylish for less.