The HGTV Show You Should Watch If You're An Aries

Those born under Aries, the fiery first sign of the zodiac wheel, are bold, energetic, forthright, and don't have time to waste. They make great leaders and can inspire fierce independence in others. They leap before they look, and while other astrological placements might panic when falling, Aries know just how to do it and how to rise right back up. They're adventurous and live to explore, just like their fellow fire signs, Sagittarius. For better or worse, Aries are lovers, and their fearlessness gets them places (via Co-Star Astrology).

When it comes to big decisions, these passionate rams know just what they want and how to get it. As cardinal fire signs, they can be incredibly impulsive. However, they also know how to take on a challenge (via PureWow). In terms of a big life event, such as buying a house, having an Aries on your team will likely get you ahead of the rest. That's why Aries will enjoy this HGTV show.

Aries should watch HGTV's House Hunters

Buying a home is often an emotional roller coaster, and "House Hunters" lets viewers enjoy the ride without having skin in the game (via Entity). Aries, our favorite risk-takers and bold entrepreneurs, could likely benefit from observing the process a time or two before jumping in with both feet, pen in hand, ready to sign — not later, but right now!

Each "House Hunters" episode is a quick adventure full of possibility. Energetic families search for their ideal property and must be careful (and quick!) in choosing which sale is the best bet for their hopes and dreams. If that offer falls through and they don't get to seal the deal, Aries are always able to stay positive and find the silver lining in any situation. If you have an Aries in your corner, lean on them through the house-hunting process and you'll surely feel a bit more optimistic.

Other HGTV shows Aries will enjoy

Aries are ruled by Mars, the planet of energy, action, desire, and self-assertion (via Cafe Astrology). Those born between March 21 and April 19 are also known to get bored easily and abandon old projects once the freshness wears off (via PureWow). So, these fiery placements might just be head-over-heels for the HGTV hit "Love it or List It," which is full to the brim with exciting change and competition between the co-hosts. Renovate or sell? It's a pressing question for any homeowner in need of fresh scenery.

Viewers born under the symbol of the ram may also love HGTV's "Design Star," a hyper-competitive reality show in which the winner lands their own series on the network. If there's anything an Aries lives for, it's being the best and showcasing their talent. Just minutes in, the Aries in your life will likely be setting bets on which designer is sure to win. You may be tempted to remind them it's just a game, but chances are they won't hear you over their own soccer mom-style cheering.