Why General Hospital Fans Think That Esme Has Finally Met Her Match

Sometimes, a TV character can start out with good intentions, but they become so consumed by the end goal that they justify the increasingly outlandish methods required to achieve it (per TV Tropes). On "General Hospital," Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) is caught in exactly such a situation. He slept with his son's girlfriend, the havoc-wreaking Esme Prince (Avery Pohl), who was later tossed over the parapet at Wyndemere while fighting with his estranged wife Ava Jerome (Maura West). 

Nikolas helped cover it up, and when Esme — who was presumed dead — reappeared in Port Charles very much alive and pregnant, he had no choice but to capture her and lock her in one of the building's towers (per Soaps Spoilers). Suspecting Nikolas was hiding a dire secret, his friend Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) called him out on it, forcing Nikolas to finally come clean. He admitted to capturing Esme, but when they went to see her, the duo found her unconscious on the floor. 

Elizabeth examined Esme, claiming her baby was in trouble. Since Nikolas wouldn't take the captive woman to the hospital, Liz offered to perform a cesarean section right there, with no anesthetic. This ruse caused the faking Esme to jump up and yell at them to stay away from her and her baby (via Soaps.com). The diabolical Esme is supremely clever, but Elizabeth's fake out indicates Esme has some competition in the deception department. 

Esme isn't nearly as shrewd as she thinks

The tension mounted on "General Hospital" as Elizabeth forced Nikolas to reveal that he'd imprisoned the nefarious Esme in one of his castle towers until she gave birth to their child — after which he'll presumably dispose of her, per General Hospital Tea. The show posted a picture of an unconscious Esme on Twitter with the caption: "Elizabeth springs into action to help Esme and her baby. What will come of her medical emergency?"

Fans were thrilled that Elizabeth had seen through Esme's histrionics, with one replying, "Esme just received a masterclass on scheming by the one she least expected," while another user echoed this sentiment, stating, "Well played Elizabeth, well played." A viewer who has complete confidence in Elizabeth's craftiness wrote: "Oh Esme you have no idea who Lizzie is. You are an amateur. Loving this Liz." 

Likewise, a long-time fan of the show enthused: "This is why I like Esme. She's a total amateur at scheming. The Veterans ladies can see right thru her." A like-minded viewer replied: "Exactly ... Elizabeth could have pulled the same scheme at 14/15." Someone else who enjoyed the scene even noted: "Loved how Esme said couldn't believe the Florence Nightingale of PC outsmarted her."

In fact, referring to the fact that Esme was believed to be dead when she fell off the parapet (per Soaps.com), a fan with a somewhat extreme solution jokingly suggested that Elizabeth should "help her off the parapet again please."