The Most Affordable Places To Buy New Clothes For Your Fitness Journey

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With so many fitness trends and workout options, it can get overwhelming to know where to start. Should you opt for the treadmill? Or maybe Pilates should be on your radar. But what about weight-lifting? Should you take classes or do your own solo thing? There are many paths you can take when it comes to fitness and many areas of concern to consider. One aspect of your fitness journey that shouldn't be complicated is your attire.

Now there was a period when an oversized t-shirt and a pair of leggings you've had since middle school was all the attire you needed to hit the gym. While this remains the case and can certainly do the trick, not everyone can rely on decade-old workout pants that may or may not rip if a squat is performed in just the wrong form. If you're looking to get into a workout routine, you're likely exploring different attire options. After all, who doesn't want to look put together while getting a sweat on?

Of course, the kicker comes at the price tag. Popular brands like Lululemon and Lorna Jane have made the arena of workout attire exclusive, if not impossible, to adopt, leaving many of us feeling out of the popular loop. But don't fret — there are many affordable options that may have slipped under your radar, and we have the best workout attire roundup that money can buy.


If you're a fan of the fitness influencer or still flip through the fashion magazines as we all did in the early 2000s, you've likely heard of Fabletics. Brought into the popular ether, thanks to Kate Hudson, Fabletics is a great company to consider when shopping for affordable workout gear.

As detailed on their website, Fabletics' mission is to "create the world's most fashionable, high-performance, active-lifestyle products for every one and every body." Their mission statement further detailed that "accessible" pricing was and is at the core of the company. Co-founders Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler, and Ginger Ressler were inspired to start Fabletics after they identified a "gap" in the workout attire marketplace; the website continued. "There were plenty of luxury brands, but none that offered high-quality, stylish gear at accessible prices" — a sentiment that many can relate to.

This all sounds great, but what kind of prices can you expect at Fabletics? When you head to the website, the VIP offer offers two pairs of bottoms for $24, which is a steal. Sports bras start around $40 (when a special deal isn't running), and the variety of quick-drying tank tops will make your next sweaty workout seem like a walk in the park. Of course, the colorful styles and inclusive options make Fabletics an even better stop to shop. With constant sales and well-priced essentials, this company should be on your radar.


If there is one store with everything you need, it's Target. From amazing home decor to seasonal items to beauty and food to clothes (and cute clothes), Target has everything you could want. So, if you're determined to get back into the gym — but want some cute new workout clothes to spark a bit more inspiration without breaking the bank — turn your attention to everyone's favorite store, Target.

Whether you're shopping in-person or online, Target has some great options sourced from their own brands, All in Motion being one of them. A pair of leggings — the high-rise ribbed leggings in the case of this example — will only set you back $35 as opposed to the triple-digit price tag that is often associated with workout gear. The leggings are ideal for running, cardio, and resistance training and feature quick-dry fabric that wicks away moisture as soon as it arrives. Not sold? All in Motion leggings have UPF 50+ incorporated into the fabric and have a solid waistband that won't roll down while you're getting your lunges going. Other All in Motion options include the classic bike shorts, which go for $16, and seamless cami sports bras that also run around $16.

Not only can Target provide the cute, functional, and affordable workout gear you need, but you can also pick up a reusable water bottle and a pair of headphones while you're there to outfit your gym run fully. How great is that?


We know what you might be thinking – Kohl's is where your mom would go if she needed a pack of socks that could outfit all the kids or a toy to gift at a birthday party, but the Kohl's of today has a lot more to offer. Not only can you now find Kohl's locations with full Sephora stores inside of them, but Kohl's has some great, name-brand workout gear that will cost you a lot less than popularized athletic brands. Options from Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, and Champion are all available at Kohl's, with the Tek Gear line especially falling right in that financial sweet spot.

Say you wanted a new pair of joggers to wear both at the gym and while lounging at home. At Kohl's, you can find a comfy option from Tek Gear that'll set you back about $23 and a trendy Adidas pair that'll cost you about $38. If you're searching for a pair of leggings perfect for the treadmill, a classic pair from Tek Gear will cost you about $20, and you can round out your look with a $30 sweatshirt from Champion — who doesn't love that classic logo sweatshirt while hitting the gym?

Kohl's will also have you covered when it comes to workout shoes as well. Not everyone has hundreds of dollars to drop on a new pair of running shoes, but with $60 ASICS options and $30 FILA sneakers, Kohl's has options for every budget.


One of the reasons why stores such as Lululemon and Lorna Jane stand out is that they feel more like a boutique shopping experience. Curated racks and neatly organized workout pants leave you feeling taken care of as a shopper, not to mention perks like complimentary hemming if needed. But that three-figure price tag that'll likely come with even the smallest of purchases can leave even the most financially free among us feeling a little woozy, so we suggest turning your attention to a department store like Macy's. You may not get the same kind of shopping experience, and you might have to dig through the much less organized racks of clothes to find what you're looking for, but the savings will be well worth it.

At Macy's, you'll find a huge selection in-store and online regarding activewear, spanning many brands and various sizes. Looking for a sweatshirt to throw on after you've hit the gym? Macy's has a super cute option from Champion that'll cost you about $35. Trendy sweatpants from Puma will only run you about $35, and a pair of leggings from ID Ideology are on sale for $11 as of publication. Sure, you likely won't get the curated, specialized activewear department that a Lululemon could offer you, but if you're looking to save a buck and capitalize on some great deals, Macy's is the place — or website — to go.


We know that putting the largest online retailer on this list seems obvious, but if you want to spice up your gym attire, Amazon should be your go-to. The site has everything you need and items you didn't even know you wanted, so you can't go wrong here. Take these biker shorts, for example. The BALEAF shorts feature a high waistband, eight inches of length (perfect for those who like the spin bike or want to avoid the ever-dreaded inner thigh rub), and even have pockets. The shorts come in various colors and lengths, perfect for any gym need — bonus, throw on an oversized sweatshirt, and you'll channel Diana Spencer in no time. These shorts are only $19.99, and the almost 82,000 reviews and nearly five-star ratings prove that they belong in your wardrobe.

Nothing is more annoying than constantly adjusting the girls when you're trying to get a workout in, so when you consider what to add to your Amazon cart, we suggest opting for this compression racerback sports bra from Hanes. With several colors to choose from, its pull-on style, and its no-fuss design, you'll soon have the support you're looking for. What makes this bra stand out is the price — just $12 stands between you and the sports bra you need in your wardrobe. While you're at it, throw in a couple pairs of comfy socks and check out the gym bags available on Amazon, and you'll be outfitted in no time.

Nordstrom Rack

If you've walked through the activewear section in Nordstrom, you noticed some amazing designers, name-brand workout gear, and a plethora of envy-building attire. Nordstrom — and the brands the store carries — is out of many people's price ranges, but that's where Nordstrom Rack comes in. The fun little sister to the sophisticated eldest sibling, Nordstrom Rack, has all the brands that the department store carries at a fraction of the cost. The shopping experience might not be as glamorous — and the racks might require some digging — but your efforts will be worth it to save some serious cash.

Nordstrom carries its own workout brand, Zella, and the designs create some serious gym envy. But before you drop nearly triple digits, take a look at Nordstrom Rack. A pair of high-waisted gym leggings — as part of the Z By Zella label — will only cost you about $20 at Nordstrom Rack. The Z By Zella crossback sports bralette has a price tag of just $10 or so, and the fleece joggers on our wishlist are about $25. These prices may seem too good to be true, but that's the beauty of Nordstrom Rack — you get the brands you love at a fraction of the price, so it's a win-win. While you're at it, look at the plethora of sneakers and gym-appropriate shoes Nordstrom Rack sells — a pair of Nike sneakers, once $160, is a much more affordable $90 at this bargain destination.

Old Navy

When we hit the mall with the entire gang on a summer Saturday, Old Navy was an obvious store we had to hit. The $2 flip-flops and the affordable tank tops made the summer season feel light, bright, and outfitted — not to mention the patriotic-themed Fourth of July T-shirts that had to be purchased. But that was the Old Navy of a decade ago — these days, Old Navy has a great selection of clothes for every season, and their inclusive sizes and affordable prices make it a great stop for various reasons. You may not think of Old Navy as a workout gear destination, but we encourage you to check it out — there are designs, deals, and gym-friendly gear that should be on your radar.

Take a pair of full-length workout leggings. In a store such as Lululemon — or Nordstrom before the designs hit Nordstrom Rack — a pair of ankle-length leggings could easily set you back $120, but not in Old Navy. Just $40 will get you a great pair of workout-friendly pants, and with constant sales, you could likely snag a couple pairs for the cost of one Lululemon purchase. Sports bras at Old Navy run for about $20, and gym-friendly tank tops will also set you back about $20 to $25. The activewear section of the store also features a variety of joggers, puffer vests, and bike shorts, ensuring that you'll be well-outfitted for your fitness journey.


This is for workout enthusiasts who want to splurge a little on gym attire. The saying goes that you get what you pay for, and while more boutique clothing stores and hyped-up brands will charge you an arm and a leg for a sports bra, Athleta is a bang for your buck. Sure, their prices aren't exactly Amazon-level affordable, but if you'd like to treat yourself to a nice pair of leggings that will maintain their elasticity and look stylish, Athleta is a brand to consider.

Let's talk price: bike shorts start at around $50, and constant sales mean that you can snag a quality pair of leggings for about $70. While that price tag is a little more than some of our other examples, a purchase from Athleta will likely have you feeling pretty good about your investment — not only is the quality great but in the case of the Elation Train Leggings, for example, the material is sourced from recycled plastic bottles. The leggings feature compression material, moisture-wicking fabric, and the quick drying component, which will help out the sweatier gym-goers among us. Sports bras will set you back about $30 at Athleta, and we'd be remiss if we didn't mention the additional puffers, jackets, and swimwear that the brand also features. It might not be Amazon prices, but Athleta is good quality for money — its sustainable practices will certainly leave you feeling fulfilled, and their designs will have you looking fearless on that treadmill.


We're jumping across the pond for this gym attire retailer, ASOS. In online shopping, ASOS has proven itself as a one-stop shop for pretty much every clothing need on your list. ASOS should definitely be on your radar if you're looking to spice up your workout wardrobe as you set off on new fitness heights. Various options — from leggings to outerwear to gym-appropriate sneakers — are available, and the prices are wallet-friendly.

ASOS features name-brand pieces and in-house styles, such as the ASOS 4505 line. Take the ASOS 4505 icon yoga leggings: a full-length pair of workout leggings perfect for any gym demand, from the treadmill to squats to Pilates, and they'll only cost you about $26. If you want to splurge a little more, ASOS carries Nike, and a pair of Nike Pro leggings will cost you roughly $50. But, if that's a little out of your price range, turn your attention to the HIIT seamless rib leggings, which are going for as little as $19.60. Sports bras on the ASOS site start at the teen prices — $16 for the HIIT seamless bra in all black — and increase in price based on brand and style. But with prices generally in the $20 to $40 range, ASOS's clothing catalog will leave you feeling well taken care of and perfectly outfitted to hit the gym.


When you think about the Gap, the iconic scene from "Crazy, Stupid, Love" might come to mind. "Be better than the Gap," a dapper Ryan Gosling says to Steve Carell, and while the leading Hollywood men were in search of designer everything, we're here to tell you that when it comes to workout gear, GapFIT is where it's at. The designs featured from the brand are exciting, trendy, and stylish — not to mention they're also pretty affordable. Constant sales and online deals will ensure you get even more bang for your buck, so maybe Gosling should redirect his ire in this case.

Let's start with leggings, as a good pair is a workout staple. A quality pair — made from sustainable material — will set you back about $60. Fun boat-necked shirts, tennis skirts, and joggers make up the additional workout attire available through the retailer, and trendy puffers are a dime a dozen. If you're looking for some sports bra support for your gym needs, you're looking at a $40 price tag. Did we mention that the TikTok trendy Gap jersey onesie is still available? Run, don't walk — you'll thank us later.


If you've found yourself on the gym side of TikTok and you've seen the outfitted gym girlies in matching sports tops and legging sets, chances are they shopped at Gymshark. Gymshark should be on your radar for a variety of reasons — not only are the sets incredibly trendy and made from quality material, but the prices are surprisingly affordable.

Let's start with the top. For example, the Vital Seamless Long Sleeve Crop Top is classic Gymshark. It features a cropped waistline and thumb loops, so your sleeves stay in place while hitting the gym, and includes the recognizable logo in the upper right corner. The matching Vital Seamless Leggings are equal in quality and color: Pair them together, and you'll look so sleek while you get your squats in. Now for the prices — the crop top will set you back about $32, and the leggings will add $44 to your cart. So if you were under the impression that Gymshark was up in the Lululemon level of prices, those figures should come as a pleasant surprise. Gymshark sells everything from bike shorts to sports bras to — dare we say — sexy gym tops with dynamic detailing. Who knows, maybe a matching set from Gymshark and a dedication to the gym could result in some light flirting with the hottie doing squats next to you.