The Harry Potter Character You'd Relate To If You're A Virgo

Each sign of the zodiac is special and unique in its own way. One of the most interesting of the zodiac signs is Virgo. The earth sign is known for being detail-oriented and likes to feel useful by helping those around them (via Co-Star Astrology). Virgos also have a reputation for being able to think on their feet and figure out quick solutions to many problems. The sign has an active mind, but can often be judgmental.

Whether born in August or September, Virgo is said to be one of the most thoughtful and grounded signs in astrology. They also seem to have a natural ability for kindness, per Prep Scholar. However, the sign can be very particular when it comes to how they like to do things, which can sometimes rub those around them the wrong way. Knowing all of this, some ideal career paths for the sign include editor, teacher, and personal assistant (via Zippia).

In the entertainment world, there are many characters in television, movies, and novels who embody the true spirit of Virgo, and in the "Harry Potter" franchise that's especially true.

Hermione Granger is a classic Virgo

In the "Harry Potter" universe, the character who best exhibits Virgo traits is Hermione Granger. The character is the hardest-working student at Hogwarts, taking her studies very seriously and learning everything possible to help her along the way. Hermione is also a wonderful friend to both Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, and often is the reason that the group can find their way out of trouble, per New York Post. Hermione is also known for being practical and calm during times of high stress and seems to be prepared for everything.

While the character is extremely loyal, she can get frazzled when things don't go her way. She expects perfection for herself at all times and has very high standards. The character may be written as a classic Virgo, but she was also born under the earth sign, celebrating her birthday on September 19, per Buzzfeed.

Screen Rant reveals that the villainous character of Dolores Umbridge is also a textbook Virgo, as she has strict ideas about how she believes the world should be. When those aren't meant, she's seen falling apart upon losing control. Although Umbridge may show some of the sign's more negative traits, she's still a Virgo through and through.

Other characters with Virgo energy include Dumbledore and Snape

"Harry Potter" happens to have a lot of characters who have major Virgo energy. While Hermione Granger may be the first character who comes to mind, many other beloved characters also have major Virgo qualities. Hogwarts' headmaster Albus Dumbledore is one character who is loyal to a fault, patient during times of chaos, and always seems to have the answers, per Pinkvilla. Virgos may also feel a connection to Severus Snape, who is one of the most complex characters in the franchise but is ultimately revealed to be extremely dedicated and loyal to his cause, as well as highly intelligent as one of Hogwarts' teachers (via The Talko).

Other fan-favorite characters who give off Virgo vibes include Cedric Diggory, Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood, and Minerva McGonagall. All of these characters have shown that they are brave, kind, and dedicated to helping Harry and doing what's right. Meanwhile, villainess Bellatrix Lestrange also represents some darker traits of Virgo, much like Dolores Umbridge. Bellatrix may be on the wrong side of the fight, but her loyalty to Voldemort may have the earth sign feeling a connection to her.

While there are a plethora of amazing "Harry Potter" characters to enjoy, these Virgo-like characters may give fans a reason to take more of an interest in their favorite Hogwarts heroes and villains.