Taylor Swift's 2022 AMAs Hairdo Has Fans Convinced She's Sending A Secret Message

Every Taylor Swift era has had its own iconic moments, songs, and outfits that die-hard Swifties still can't get enough of. Even casual fans can't escape the Internet's buzzing over fan theories about Taylor Swift's upcoming re-recording albums. And it seems that Swifties were extra on edge for the 2022 American Music Awards. Swift dropped a huge secret one of her last award show appearances. In August, Swift announced her surprise album "Midnights" at the 2022 VMAs, leaving our jaws on the floor and alarms set to meet her at midnight.

Though Swift skipped the red carpet at the 2022 AMAs, fans were ready to speculate about what Easter eggs she could be laying once she took the stage. When she accepted the award for favorite pop album for "Red (Taylor's Version)," the theories were ready to fly. This time, fans are convinced they know which re-recording will be released next, and the devil is all in the details of what they allege to be yet another secret Swift message.

Fans say Taylor Swift's hair is hinting at 'Speak Now (Taylor's Version)'

"Not to alarm anyone but the hair is giving speak now," one Swiftie posted on Twitter with a picture of the pop icon's American Music Awards look attached. Taylor Swift wore a sparkling gold jumpsuit at the 2022 AMAs, where she accepted the award for favorite pop album for "Red (Taylor's Version)" live on television.

Swift fans have learned to pay special attention to the singer-songwriter's outfits, which she has said can contain easter eggs for upcoming projects. That is exactly what they are doing for Swift's latest outfit and hair, which does look quite similar to the hairstyle she had in the "Speak Now" era. Swift's accessories might back the theory up. Another fan noted, "her earrings are swords ... 'with your words like knives and swords and weapons that you use against me,'"

The star has admitted that her scavenger hunts might have gotten out of control. "We have a PDF file for the Easter eggs in this video," she told Jimmy Fallon, referencing her "Bejeweled" music video. Is it too far fetched to think her side-swept bangs are a reference to "Speak Now (Taylor's Version)?"