Deborah Ann Woll Explains The Unexpected Positive Side Of Filming During The Pandemic - Exclusive

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has left people across the world feeling burnt out and exhausted. Nearly three years of masking, vaccinations, and periods of quarantine have totally changed our lives in ways that we'll be feeling for decades; it has even changed how we eat. Another major shift occurred in Hollywood, where some projects were put on pause indefinitely and others were filmed in total isolation during the height of the pandemic. The latter option was the case for "True Blood" and "Daredevil" alum Deborah Ann Woll's latest project, "Deborah." 

The movie is all about a group of longtime friends who inadvertently learn — during a weekend together — that sometimes, the past should stay in the past. Things go wrong for them after messing with an AI device that changes time, but a cornerstone of the film is the relationship between the friends. Woll explained that the relationship on screen mirrored the one shared by the ensemble cast (featuring stars such as Sophia Bush and Scott Michael Foster) since they lived in total isolation together in Utah while filming the movie.

Woll opened up about the experience in an exclusive interview with The List, and it turns out that being in isolation isn't all bad. In fact, she explained that the group became quite close while living in what they called the "Deborah Dorm." Doing so made the movie special and set it apart from some of her past projects. 

The cast shot Deborah while isolating in Utah, which brought them closer together

Like many films produced during the height of pandemic lockdowns, "Deborah" was filmed in isolation. However, Deborah Ann Woll hypothesized that it ended up working out in their favor. Why? She and her castmates were able to spend all of their time together without worrying about some of the safety protocols that plagued the outside world. "We were tested every day, and we didn't have to wear masks because we weren't going anywhere. We weren't allowed. We were bubbled in a really strong way," she explained.

She mused that the situation made it easier for them to play friends. "It was a way to bond in a quick way and be able to play friends like this that have been together for so long," she said.

The project was filmed in a remote location, and the cast likely would have had to stay out there while filming anyway. But pandemic-era rules still drew them closer together. "The way that it was structured, because we couldn't leave, board game nights, movie nights, karaoke nights, those things were all just us in this house," she revealed. "We went on hikes together. You wouldn't have had that same motivation to hang out with each other if that wasn't your only option."

"I do think it added to the story," Woll added.

"Deborah" is available to watch on Digital.