How To Rock Blake Lively's Moody 'Antique Grandma' Manicure

This year has seen the revival of multiple fashion trends that made reference to the past, including wide-leg pants, crochet sets, and cropped cardigans. With all these references to the past in our clothing, it was just a matter of time better our nail designs went in the same direction.

Blake Lively is now at the forefront of vintage nail designs as shown by the "antique grandma wallpaper" nails she sported at the 36th Annual American Cinematheque Awards. The 35-year-old actress shared a close-up of the nails on her Instagram stories and wrote "@enamelle thank you for giving me the 'antique grandma wallpaper' nails I've been begging for" (via Byrdie). The photograph shows a yellow base with watercolor-style flowers, resembling a vintage wall tapestry. Indeed, the celebrity nail artist behind the style, Elle Gerstein, shared on Instagram that the nails resemble Lively's wallpaper by the luxury interiors brand House of Hackney.

This is the nail polish brand Lively used

Wondering how to achieve Blake Lively's "antique grandma wallpaper nails'? Celebrity nail artist Elle Gerstein shared that she used multiple Lechat nail polishes to achieve the mesmerizing result. According to Lechat's Instagram post, the style features Golden Boy-Friend, Risque Business, Wine and Unwind, Olivia, and Seriously Golden. Lively seems to have an artistic eye; she has deeply involved in the nail design process as revealed by Gerstein.

"I'm grateful for Blake's visions and taste for mixing colors until they are JUST RIGHT. Her love of texture is truly divine!" Gerstein wrote on Instagram next to a photo of Lively rocking her nail design. The actress is a long-time client of Gerstein and has previously shared her love for her designs on Instagram. "I'm still not over these flower-pressed nails," Lively captioned a 2021 post of her clear gloss nails with multicolored flowers pressed on them.