Study Finds Even More Reasons For People To Abstain From Alcohol While Pregnant

The majority of people have an understanding that once you become pregnant, you can no longer drink. But as different studies and a variety of doctors began testing this limit, many women were told that they could dabble in the occasional drink while pregnant without much to worry about. A study published in 2013 took this idea a bit further, telling moms-to-be that their nightly glass of wine or a beer out with friends could still be enjoyed about two times per week. This brought many pregnant women a lot of joy, as they did not have to completely give up something else they enjoyed.

Still, though, most doctors advised their pregnant patients to avoid alcohol completely, even a glass of wine here and there. And while most mothers took this advice to heart and waited until their baby was born to take a sip, some listened to past studies and indulged anyway. However, a brand new study is starting to prove all those past researchers wrong. According to Healthline, new information was introduced at the Radiological Society of North America's yearly meeting. Scientists presented the crowd with information showing that even a small amount of alcohol proves to show changes in a baby's brain development. Here's what you need to know.

This study means that even an occasional glass of wine should be avoided during pregnancy

In order to get to these findings, the scientists who presented these results conducted their research on mothers whose babies were diagnosed with prenatal alcohol exposure, per Healthline. About 24 babies were studied while still in utero and an MRI was done to study their brain development. The MRI proved that the brains of these babies, even those who were exposed to tiny amounts of alcohol, were different from those who weren't exposed to alcohol at all. While the researchers say that this study does not prove that the babies will be affected post-birth, their brains do show that they are likely to have issues with behavior and other delays throughout their childhood and adulthood.

However, many people may be thinking that this study is small: A control group of 24 isn't very telling of the larger pregnant population. Still, it's important that pregnant women or people trying to get pregnant understand what the implications of drinking while pregnant are. According to Kids Health, mental and physical birth defects are most often caused by a fetus being exposed to alcohol, and while the amount is still somewhat unknown, it is always better to be safe and avoid drinking altogether. If you are craving a cocktail, consider a cold glass of lemonade, which is actually great for you while pregnant. Your favorite glass of wine or vodka drink will taste even better in nine months.