A Christmas Spark Is The Holiday Movie For Anyone Overcoming Grief

The grieving process can be incredibly tough, and indeed it often takes years to work through. In many ways, grieving is one of the most difficult parts of life. Thus, it's definitely not something we expect to encounter in holiday-themed romantic comedies. In this way, Lifetime's latest original festive rom-com, "A Christmas Spark," isn't exactly like many other movies of this nature (via Lifetime). 


In a very saturated holiday movie market, "A Christmas Spark" is sure to become a fan favorite. While this movie is certainly feel-good in the end, it does address some heavy topics along the way. The Christmas season is all about celebration, love, and togetherness, which is what makes this one of our favorite times of the year. When you can't spend the holidays with the people that you love, though, it can also be quite difficult and even painful.

This is especially true if you've recently lost a loved one (via Parade). Likewise, because this isn't typically portrayed in the mainstream media, it can be equally difficult to figure out how to get through this time, particularly alone. If you're finding yourself in this position as the holiday season begins, "A Christmas Spark" is here to remind you that you're not alone and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel — maybe, in this case, even a string of Christmas lights.


Warning: Spoilers ahead! 

How A Christmas Spark deals with grief so well

"A Christmas Spark" follows Molly, played by the great Jane Seymour, as she struggles to move out of the rut she's been in since her husband's passing (via IMDb). The film opens with Molly discovering that she won't be able to host Christmas like she does every year, and rather, she'll be visiting her daughter instead. Molly struggles with changing holiday traditions, and it's clear that she's wary of interfering with the happy memories she has of her late husband, too. 


As the movie progresses, Molly meets a man named Hank (Joe Lando), and while she's equally apprehensive about moving on with her life and striking up a new romantic relationship, as their connection deepens, she realizes that her life can continue on happily without changing what she had with her husband. Seymour explained to Media Village: "It's never too late to have a whole other life and other experiences. It doesn't mean you have to discard or let go of a true love that you had for a long time with your partner, but there's space for both loves in your heart." 

The actor continued, "I think that's a really important message for anyone at Christmas. Maybe they're no longer with the person they loved, [either] through a loss or a divorce, but you can hang onto the real love that you had at the time, and you can carry that with you for the rest of your life." 


A Christmas Spark's message for those who have lost someone

One of the most poignant moments in "A Christmas Spark" occurs when Molly asks Hank to put the star that her late husband made on top of their Christmas tree. It's clearly a big step for Molly, who had been very reluctant both to let Hank into her life and to alter her Christmas traditions in any way. When Hank accidentally drops and breaks the star, it suggests that both he and Molly view this as a symbol that their new relationship is negatively affecting her happy memories. 


At the movie's end, though, Hank gives the star back to Molly as a gift. He has put the broken pieces back together and decorated the cracks with gold, making the decoration more beautiful than before. For those of us who are struggling this holiday season, the message is an important one that we don't hear very often. Just because you've lost someone whom you made happy memories with doesn't mean that you can't create new memories in the future.  

There's plenty of room for holiday memories old and new, and just like Molly and Hank, you can make sure that all of these memories last a lifetime (no pun intended).