Days Of Our Lives Star Mary Beth Evans Talks Meeting Six Generations Of Fans

As tried and true fans are no doubt aware, daytime serialized dramas got the nickname "soap opera" back when they started out as radio dramas and the sponsors were mainly soap companies. These shows were aimed at housewives who finally had some free time because machines that washed and dried clothing and dishes helped with the chores. This allowed them to not only listen to dramatic radio tales but followed the programs when they eventually moved to television. Soaps offered stories that ran every weekday without repeat and would continue for as long as the story needed to play out. Even actors like Susan Lucci in "All My Children" could be counted on to visit one's living room every day for over 40 years, via Smithsonian.

Mary Beth Evans is one such actress who has been on "Days of Our Lives" for almost 40 years and the audience has watched her change over time. Although she's worked on other sudsers like, "As the World Turns," and "General Hospital," it was the "DOOL" pairing of her character Kayla Brady with Steve 'Patch' Johnson (Stephen Nichols), that made her a fan favorite and the pair a soap opera super couple, via SoapHub.  

Per SoapHub, many viewers of daytime dramas began watching with parents or grandparents, and it has been a tradition passed down through the generations. Mary Beth Evans was able to encounter such devoted viewership up close and personal.

Mary Beth Evans met generations of Days of Our Lives viewers

Day of Days is an annual fan event for "Days of Our Lives," and this year was the first in-person event since the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Soaps She Knows. Before the celebration began, Mary Beth Evans (Kayla Brady) posted a selfie with other cast members on Instagram, saying, "We're here and we can't wait to see you! #dayofdays2022." Evans was among the various "DOOL" stars interviewed by the Daytime Confidential podcast there. Co-host Melodie Aikels covered the event and got to speak with Evans and Stephen Nichols (Steve 'Patch' Johnson) about their time on the show, mentioning that storylines such as the Orpheus saga — which started in the '80s — are still having ripple effects felt today. 

When she asked Evans whether she felt Kayla was in limbo, Evans replied, "You'll see. We'll answer that question soon." Aikels also referenced the fact that Evans and Nichols acted together on "General Hospital" as well, and host Luke Kerr fondly remembered their run on "GH" as Katherine Bell and Stefan Cassadine. Evans also told Aikels that one highlight of the event was meeting a family of six generations that have been watching the show.

Considering thousands of fans attended the Day of Days 2022 fan celebration, and the show is continuing with more thrilling stories on the Peacock streaming service, "Days of Our Lives" will continue to be viewed by generations to come.