We're Swooning Over The Charming 1950s Fashion In Hallmark's New Movie A Holiday Spectacular

Picture this — it's 1958 and you're following your dreams to New York City to dance at Radio City Music Hall when you meet a handsome man who has you questioning your life back home in Philadelphia. Oh, and did we mention this all happened during the holidays? Well, that is exactly what you can expect to see in Hallmark's "A Holiday Spectacular." Derek Klena and Ginna Claire Mason — both Broadway veterans — shine in this charming, dance-driven, holiday film. The Radio City Rockettes even make an appearance (via Hallmark). In addition to Klena, Mason, and the Rockettes, the movie also features "The Brady Bunch" star Eve Plumb (per IMDb).

But, perhaps, what stands out most in the film — besides the talented cast of course — is the spell-bounding fashion of the '50s. From casual streetwear looks to full on glam, "A Holiday Spectacular" shows it all, and we just cannot get enough. 

Hats worked for both men and women

If you think a stylish hat just became a great way to complete a look, think again. Hats have been fabulous accessories to add to any outfit for decades. In "A Holiday Spectacular," Derek Klena's John and Ginna Claire Mason's Maggie are shopping for holiday gifts and, if we do say so ourselves, they are looking quite dapper while doing so. Their coordinating outfits are topped off with hats that serve not only to keep them warm during the cold New York winter, but also to add some extra pizazz to their looks. 

As Vintage Retro noted, everything in fashion in the 1950s was made to complement the other elements in the outfit, but also to be a unique, stand-alone piece. When it came to hats, there were a variety of styles seen as people were walking around. "A Holiday Spectacular" showcases some of those types, however, in this shopping scene from the film, John is donning a casual cap and Maggie pairs her all black look with a beret style hat. These more casual looks make our hearts happy, and can easily be recreated in a more modern way to wear today — but these aren't the only vintage trends you can wear today. 

Full skirts were a staple in '50s fashion

The fit and flare silhouettes of the 1950s were prominent in "A Holiday Spectacular." Christian Dior is credited with bringing the style into popularity in 1947 after he showcased a collection in Paris, as Who What Wear reported. At the time, this became known as the "New Look," and was recognized as a "flouncy hyperfeminine counter to minimalist postwar dressing." 

As seen throughout the film, the materials the skirts were made out of depending on how formal the event you were wearing it to was. Satins, tulles, silks, and velvets were worn on dressier occasions while wool and cotton made appearances on casual days (via The 50s Housewife). 

In one particular scene, Ginna Claire Mason's character Maggie is decorating the Christmas tree with her fellow Rockettes. She's wearing a stunning outfit — a pale blue scoop neck sweater paired with a fit and flare skirt with a red belt and poinsettia embellishments. The look channels her fun New York side, while also giving a hint of the housewife life awaiting her back in Philadelphia when she finishes her season with the Rockettes. It's a look that was prevalent during this time period and we are loving it. 

It's all about the glam

The stars' final looks in "A Holiday Spectacular" are forever engrained in our minds. It's the night that John and Maggie profess their love for one another and they were certainly dressed for the occasion. Maggie's cocktail dress is full of glitz and glam, once again bringing the fit and flare style to the forefront. Cocktail dresses were dresses that women in the '50s wore during specific hours — 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. to be exact, according to Who What Wear. It probably comes as no surprise that Christian Dior, a true fashion icon, came up with the term for these dresses. 

When he attended the Rockettes' final performance for the season, John also went all out with his debonair look. GQ coined 1950's style suits as "Repression You Can Wear," which they did note was a bit ironic. However, this decade featured looser fitting suits, made particularly popular by none other than Elvis Presley. While John's suit was a bit more tailored than Elvis' version of a suit, he still channeled a '50s movie star glam look. 

Whether you're a fan of a more relaxed, everyday outfit or want to take inspiration from the glamorous looks from "A Holiday Spectacular," this film showcases styles you won't be able to get out of your head.