The 13 Best Water Bottles For Anyone On Your List

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The truth about how much water we should drink each day varies, but the reusable water bottle industry is undeniably more popular than ever. Valued at 8.6 billion dollars in 2021, it is expected to rise still more by 4.3% over the next few years. According to The Guardian, water bottles are not only a firm favorite of those who are trying out the gorpcore aesthetic, but are also becoming a mainstay for people in their general day-to-day lives.

So, what are the benefits of a reusable water bottle? The obvious one is the impact non-reusable bottles have on the environment. Per Oceana, only 9% of single-use plastic gets recycled, instead going on to impact marine life and the ocean negatively. Plastic water bottles may even impact your hormone levels, meaning a reusable water bottle could help your well-being in the long run. 

There are thousands of water bottles out there, engineered for everything to running, cycling, traveling, or accompanying you on your daily commute. From stylish picks that will please even the fussiest of recipients to high-tech models, these are the best water bottles to buy as gifts for the holiday season.

This first bottle is best for those always on the move

Water bottle fanatic or not, chances are you've heard of the Hydro Flask. According to The Strategist, they remain popular because of their relatively lightweight feel despite the stainless steel construction, the way they stay cold for a long time, and the variety of sizes available. Though Hydro Flasks are expensive, they're a worthy investment. They are a great option for college students, those who do outdoor activities like cycling or running often, and those always on the go.

Though on the heavier side, this bottle has a lot to offer

If you want something sturdy and reliable, the Yeti Rambler bottle is a solid choice. Per Good Housekeeping, the Rambler's best feature is that all the lids of any 12-64 ounce bottle can be swapped out to fit another bottle in the range. It is conveniently dishwasher safe despite being insulated and features a wide lid with an attached nozzle so you can drink easily and wash it quickly. There are also over eight colors to choose from.

This bottle is versatile and fresh

Next up is the Takeya Actives Insulated Water Bottle with Spout Lid. The New York Times rates this bottle highly, calling it a "chameleon of a bottle," and we can see why. Cup-holder friendly, it has a double-walled design and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Plus, you can pick from seven different colors, ranging from pastel to neon and classic black. This would be an excellent gift for avid gym-goers due to the fact it doesn't hold onto flavors either, meaning a 2 p.m. smoothie won't taste like this morning's pre-workout shake.

The simple design of this bottle doesn't mean it won't hold up against others

If you're after something lightweight, The Strategist recommends the Nalgene Ultralite Bottle. Affordably priced at only $11.99, this bottle may have a simple design but packs a punch elsewhere. Best for hiking or other strenuous outdoor activities, its lightweight feel won't weigh you down even when you're going up. That doesn't mean it doesn't hold much water, though. This bottle can carry 32 ounces of water, an impressive amount considering its weight. This is a good option if you're buying for someone who prefers substance over style.

This bottle is great if you find regular lids uncomfortable to drink from

Stylish and sleek, the Miir Narrow Mouth Bottle will make everyone happy. Insulated to keep your drink at the temp you want it to stay at, this bottle has eight color choices and an understated yet aesthetically pleasing design. It can hold 23 ounces of water, and, as tested by Wired, the loop at the top can fit more than one finger for easier carrying. Moreover, the rolled lip makes it easier than ever to drink on the go. The lid can go in the dishwasher, but the rest will need to be washed by hand. 

This bottle is best for when you want to make your office colleagues jealous

Another bottle that's as stylish as it is practical is the S'well Teakwood Bottle (via Men's Health). The wood-like design is fun and creative, and its patented technology and triple-layer insulation ensure that your drink will stay icy all day, even in hot temps — and vice versa. The bottleneck is quite small, meaning you'll have to place ice cubes one by one, but that's a small drawback for one of the most popular water bottle options on the market.

Aesthetic and charming, this is another bottle for the photos

If you know the recipient of your gift would prefer something Instagrammable, the Porter glass water bottle by W&P is ideal. Good Housekeeping states that it feels more cup-like than other bottles, and its silicone wrap will help stop condensation from spreading. A potential downside is the lack of insulation, but if this is a water bottle for casual use it isn't much of a problem. You can choose from eight colors and prints, each as lovely as the last.

This bottle is a solid option for cyclists

Know someone who lives and breathes cycling? The Camelbak Podium Chill Water Bottle will keep them hydrated during biking sessions. Per LiveScience, this bottle will fit well in bottle cages. Though it may be slightly more difficult to quickly drink from due to the insulation factor, it also won't spill due to the self-sealing mouthpiece so whoever is using it can concentrate fully on cycling. There are 19 styles to choose from, so you can find a design that looks good and does the job.

Created for the clumsy, this bottle holds up against damage

Sturdy and durable, the Healthy Human Stein water bottle is for that person who is always dropping things (via CNN). Available in over two dozen colors and designs, it won't bend or warp even when you drop it directly on its bottom or lid. The mouthpiece is relatively small, so it's best if you don't prefer a lot of ice in your drinks. It comes with a keyring-style clip for your belt or bag, and the handle is wide enough to be comfortable when you're holding it.

You can filter water on the go with this pick

Filtered water aficionados, rise up. A great gift for someone planning on vacationing, the Brita Stainless Steel Filter Bottle will do exactly what it suggests — filter water on the go. People noted that this handy bottle features a drinking straw that pops up via a button on the top for easier drinking. However, the filter will need to be swapped out every two months, so you might want to buy a backup filter as part of your gift if you're feeling extra generous.

Small bag? No problem with this ingenious water bottle

Men's Health rated the Que Collapsible Water Bottle the "best compact water bottle," and we can see why. Another way to save time and money whilst traveling, the recipient of this bottle will love how useful it is and how little space it takes up. It impressively compresses to fit in your hand but can expand to the size of a full-size water bottle. The design of this bottle is also a bonus, with 17 color choices in everything from neon shades to pretty pastels. Plus, it's dishwasher safe.

This water bottle will hold up throughout various activities

The Klean Kanteen Classic Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle is nice to look at, durable, and lightweight enough to be used for most activities. As noted by Wired, the stainless steel on the insulated version will scratch easier, though this is just a small drawback. The version linked comes with a loop cap, but you can also choose from multiple cap options depending on what the bottle will be used for, making it even more of a versatile gift.

This bottle is for adventurers who are always switching it up

It might be last on the list, but don't knock it til you try it. It's on the heavier side once completely filled, but the Thermoflask Double Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle with Two Lids is guaranteed to keep your drinks at the temperature you want them at — 24 hours for cold and 12 hours for hot in case the recipient wants to switch it up. Moreover, per People, the two lids (a chug and a spout cap) allow you to customize this bottle to your needs.