Jana Kramer Discusses Life As A Single Mom After Divorce - Exclusive

As an actor, singer, executive producer, and winemaker, Jana Kramer is always extremely busy. And aside from her career, the "One Tree Hill" star is a single mother of two young kids, a son Jace and a daughter Jolie. While managing such a packed schedule can't be easy, Kramer is excited about her partnership with Lifetime, and the release of the festive flick "Steppin' Into the Holiday."

In the fun new movie, Kramer plays Rae, a dance teacher in a small town who is organizing a talent show to raise money for her students. Enter Mario Lopez as Billy Holiday, a professional dancer and former TV host, who hails from the same place. Sparks immediately fly when the two dancers meet, and "Steppin' Into the Holiday" is already delighting fans thanks to its wonderful choreography.

While promoting Lifetime's "Steppin' Into the Holiday," The List sat down with Jana Kramer for an exclusive interview to find out how she juggles her acting career alongside life as a single mom.

Jana Kramer doesn't like to be away from her kids

Jana Kramer has always been open about her divorce from Mike Caussin, and she's even offered glimpses into their lives as they continue to co-parent Jace and Jolie. Discussing her life as a single mom-of-two, Kramer tells The List, "It's definitely hard, but this is why I love working with Lifetime, because there are businesses and companies that support working moms. Whenever I have a shoot that's not in Nashville, they're very accommodating in knowing that I'm a working mom, knowing that I like to have my babies with me on set. I love working for companies like that because it's hard, and it's not easy."

Working with Lifetime on "Steppin' Into the Holiday" was especially rewarding for Kramer, as her daughter Jolie got to appear in the movie. Discussing her approach to balancing her career and her family, Kramer says, "As people know, I'm better when I have my kids with me. In order for me to do good work, I need my babies. I need to know that I can do both and balance both and go to set, see my kids, then do my work. That balance is something that I'm still working on as a single mom, but it's something that is my greatest joy." Luckily, creating Lifetime's adorable Christmas new flick allowed the "One Tree Hill" alum to stay close to both of her kids.

Watch "Steppin' Into the Holiday" on Lifetime.