Fans Told The List The Hair Care Tool They Could Not Live Without - Exclusive Survey

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Styling your hair can make a huge difference to your look, but it can also easily be the most time-consuming part of your daily routine. Now that many of us are back in the office and meeting up with friends on the weekends, making sure we don't have the dreaded bedhead is crucial if you want to dress to impress. That's why, as Buro 24/7 recommended, it's important to stock up on essential hair tools for our arsenal — and there's no better time than the holidays with upcoming sales like Sephora's 20% code, available starting on December 2.


If you've been debating about what hair tools to buy this season, a good place to start might be a tool that has multitasking capabilities and can give you a timeless style. Several of our readers seemed to agree according to a survey we conducted. The List asked 602 people what their absolute must-have hair tool was, and the results from the survey may just blow you away.

The essential tool that blew away the competition

Our survey found that the blow-dryer brush was easily rated as the most popular hair tool, with nearly 42% of votes. The handy-dandy tool can be used to dry and style your hair at the same time, resulting in a flawless blow-out that looks like you stepped out of the salon (per Vogue Australia). So it should be no surprise why a hair tool that combines two steps into one was the most popular choice. No longer will you have to worry about having to walk into work with wet hair, because this hair dryer combs into your hair to dry it quicker, as PureWow noted. Nor will you be concerned about frizzy hair, as you will be smoothing your hair simultaneously.


There are two main types of brush heads that come with blow-dryer brushes — round and paddle. A round brush will give a more voluminous look, by lifting the roots, while a paddle brush provides a sleek, frizz-free finish. The second-most popular hair tool was a straightener, which received roughly 30% of the votes. However, it seems like people are divided over straight vs. curly, as over 28% of people prefer luscious curls, with the curling iron being the most popular curling hair tool. Curling irons received almost 20% of the vote, while nearly 9% of respondents preferred hot rollers and curling wands.

Blow-dryer brushes that will blow you away

If you're a beginner to blow-dryer brushes, then a great place to start is the affordable, TikTok-viral Revlon One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer and Volumizer, according to Teen Vogue. If you want the smooth effect from a paddle brush, then Into the Gloss recommends trying the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Styler.


For those who want to use both a round brush and paddle brush attachment, and are willing to invest more money, then the Dyson Airwrap Multi-Styler does it all (via Vogue Australia). The multi-tasking superhero also comes with curling attachments that use airflow to pull in and wrap your hair around a curling wand that dries and curls your hair at the same time — yes, can dry your hair and get the effects of a curling wand at the same time!

But if you're like the nearly 180 people who said they prefer to use a flat iron, then the Drybar Straight Shot Blow Drying Flat Iron will give it to you straight. As explained by Sephora in the product description, the tool will dry your hair using air, while the flat iron plates will straighten your hair. The sides of the plates contain nylon bristles that smooth your hair. No longer will you have to deal with juggling a hair dryer and brush to get a stylish blow-out. Take the advice of our survey respondents and you too can have bouncy, glamorous hair with just one easy tool that does it all.