How To Make Sure Your Amazon Holiday Packages Are On Your Doorstep On Time

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With less than a month left until Christmas, it's now or never if you want to order some gifts for your loved ones, like the home chefs. The past two years have been especially tough for the shipping industry as the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted air and maritime transportation. That led to significant delays in product shipment and unhappy customers waiting long periods of time to get their products. While there has been a significant recovery from those days, the shipping industry is still more expensive and congested than in pre-COVID times, via Freightos.

Even those who shop online through Amazon should beware. The e-shopping platform gained popularity thanks to its one and two-day shipping guarantees available with the Amazon Prime subscription. However, the retailer hasn't kept up with its shipping promises in many cases and is now even being sued by a San Diego couple for "false advertisement," per CBS8. Even without factoring in the holidays, around "11% of Americans have had at least one package stolen from their home" in 2021, according to a September 2021 Consumer Reports survey.

To avoid any inconveniences here is some advice to increase your chances of getting your Amazon packages on time.

Consider this alternative Amazon delivery option

Amazon has multiple delivery options to suit every customer's needs. One option is using Amazon Hub Lockers, which are free self-service kiosks available at multiple locations across the country. Instead of shipping packages to your house, where they can be stolen or misplaced, you can send them to these lockers which hold your packages for three days and provide you with a refund if you don't pick them up on time, via Amazon. You may also opt for Amazon Hub Counters, which have the same functionality as lockers but they have staff dealing with the packages. According to Review Geek, these deliveries tend to be faster because there is no need to sort packages by shipping address instead, your packages along with many others get directly sent to the Amazon delivery location.

In the case that your packages got delayed and didn't arrive the day you needed them, you might be able to get some money from the situation. According to Rather Be Shopping, you may contact Amazon's customer service and request a one-month refund of your Amazon Prime membership.