Does The Internet's Latest Voluminous Lash Hack Actually Work?

The internet has thrown some pretty outlandish beauty hacks our way. Remember when everyone was using Nivea's post-shave balm as a makeup primer? We can blame Kylie Jenner for that one, according to the Daily Mail. But ever since TikTok entered the chat, beauty tips and hacks have been getting odder and odder. Luckily, some are immediately debunked and not taken seriously as a result, like when users claimed that using lube as a primer was the way to go (via The Cut).

That being said, it's not all ridiculous. Beauty TikTok actually boasts some of the most useful hacks that have made our routines significantly more effective. Without TikTok, we wouldn't know about slugging, for instance, the viral skincare trick that has given thousands of people their most glowing skin yet and which has even been dermatologist-approved, as noted by Teen Vogue

With such a mixed bag, it's getting harder and harder to detect which trends to take seriously and which to ignore completely — especially considering how detrimental to your skin the bad ideas can be. So naturally, when a brand new mascara hack began circulating that everyone swore was the secret to the most voluminous lashes yet, many were skeptical. But, does it actually work? 

Even Kim Kardashian reportedly uses this lash hack

Brace yourself, because this hack goes against everything you know about applying makeup. Of course, some of the handiest beauty hacks tend to sound bizarre. With that in mind: concealer lashes. Yes, you read that right. Adding your base to your lash routine is apparently the best way to achieve unmatched volume. Labeled "indie sleaze lashes," this trend went viral on TikTok as a way to add length and volume, as reported by PopSugar

The method is simple enough. After applying your foundation and concealer as normal, add a coat of concealer to your lashes to serve as a lash primer, and then set it in place with powder. Next, go over the odd-looking mixture with your usual mascara and watch your lashes multiply in front of your eyes. It's going to look and feel very wrong, but the 3.1 billion views and counting of the TikTok hashtag prove that this hack is a sensation. 

If the countless videos showcasing the before and after aren't proof enough that this hack works, beauty queen Kim Kardashian has been using it for years. Back in 2018, the reality star shared that she also conceals her lashes before applying mascara on occasion, per Allure. It's definitely compelling enough to try, just be careful not to end up with specks of powder in your eyes, as that sting would definitely not be worth the results.