Artist-Inspired Baby Names You'll Fall In Love With

In the 21st century, more and more parents are on the hunt for unique baby names. However, according to a piece in The Atlantic, this was not always the case. Per the outlet, before the 1960s, American parents actually preferred common baby names out of concern that too unique a name would prevent their children from fitting in. British-sounding names like "Mary" or "Thomas" were especially popular, as immigrant families received pressure to assimilate and sound "whiter."

Interestingly, however, this trend towards sameness started to die out towards the end of the twentieth century. Slowly, parents began selecting names that were more and more unique. By 2016, the BBC reported that millennial parents choose rare baby names because they do not want their kids to get lost in a sea of sameness.

Luckily for the new generations of parents, there are plenty of places to look for baby names that will help their child stand out. One of the best ways to find some cool options is by perusing the names of some of the world's greatest artists. Not only do artists often have names that are different, but many of them aren't afraid to make a splash. And, of course, there's always the possibility that a child with an artistic baby name will one day even enjoy art.


Margo is a fresh take on the traditional French name Margot. And this name's cool, modern spelling doesn't just give it a unique twist that seems artsy; it also belongs to one of California's most successful muralists, Margo Consuela Bors. According to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Margo Bors is responsible for several nature-inspired murals dotting SF's Mission District. Her murals are bright and colorful, making the name Margo perfect for a baby with a vibrant personality. In her University of California artists' profile, Margo Bors notes her work as a photographer for the California Native Plant Society. In that sense, Margo is an artistic baby name with strong connotations of nature.

"Margo" may come from France, but the name has a multi-national history. The name is actually derived from the Greek word "margarite," meaning "pearl," and there are several international variations of the name, which include Margaret (via The Bump). However, Margo with an "o" is one of the most unique variations of the name: In 2021, Margot ranked 194 on the Datalyze list of most common names in the U.S., while Margo was way rarer at 640 (via Datalyze).


While France may be the region best-known for its artists, North America also has a rich and complex art history with plenty of wonderful artist names to choose from. Enook is an artistic baby name that once belonged to an Inuit multi-media artist, Enook Manomie. According to Inuit Art Foundation Quarterly, Enook was especially well-known for his talent as a sculptor. Per the outlet, Enook's father had also been an accomplished artist and began training the boy when he was just a teen. Some of Enook's favorite subjects to sculpt were dynamic images of moose and bears, as displayed by Mutual Art. Because of this, Enook is a great name for a baby who feels a strong connection to stone and wildlife alike. 

Over the years, the Canadian government recognized Enook Manomie for his contribution to national art by displaying some of his pieces in public spaces, as reported by CTV. Per the outlet, his artwork was featured in the Public Safety Canada building until it was stolen in 2011. He also has two paintings in the National Gallery of Canada, cementing the strong relationship between the name Enook and North American art. 


Tarsila is certainly not the most popular name, but it is one of the strongest ones. Tarsila comes from the ancient Greek word "tháros," meaning "courage," "heart," or "spunk," per Word Hippo's Greek-English dictionary. In that sense, the name is ideal for a little girl who is plucky, spirited, and tough. As if the name's very definition weren't powerful enough, Tarsila also belonged to one of the most renowned woman artists of the 20th century. 

Tarsila do Amaral was a Brazilian painter who studied in Paris beneath classical artists at the famous Académie Julian. She also learned more rebellious art forms from Cubist painters such as André Llote (via Encyclopedia Britannica). Following her studies, Tarsila returned to Brazil, where she invented a new, cutting-edge genre of Brazilian modernist painting. Soon enough, she became one of the most successful painters in her country. Rather than dedicate herself to a luxurious life of fame, Tarsila chose to use her paintbrush to challenge social issues, including poverty (via UOL). Her painting was so influential that the MoMA in New York City titled a display of Tarsila's work: Inventing Modern Art in Brazil. Because of Tarsila do Amaral's fabulous history, this artistic baby name would be great for a socially conscious and creative baby.


Ranked at 308 in the U.S.'s most popular names in 2021, Joaquin is far from being the trendiest name in the books (per U.S. Social Security Administration). Nonetheless, Joaquin is an artistic baby name that has belonged to all sorts of big-time creatives. Joaquin Phoenix, for example, is such a talented actor that he won an Academy Award for Best Actor thanks to his outstanding role in "Joker," as reported by The Guardian. Meanwhile, the name "Joaquin Miller" belonged to one of the most talented poets in California, according to the Found SF archive. 

In terms of visual artists, the name Joaquin has also had a tremendous impact. Born in 1874, Joaquin Torres-Garcia was an artist who quite literally turned the art world upside down (via Encyclopedia Britannica). In 1943, the Uruguayan painter stunned art aficionados everywhere by painting a reinterpretation of the planet that placed Latin America at the top, according to a report by the Brazilian Universidade Federal Fluminense. Beyond the cultural critiques apparent in his artwork, Joaquin developed a brand new style of painting, which the MoMA describes as "pictographic/Constructivist." Because of this, "Joaquin" is perfect for a baby who loves anything artsy, ranging from theater to poetry to painting. The name would also be fitting for a creative child who isn't afraid to invent something new and beautiful.


It's no secret that the English name "Elizabeth" is fairly popular: In 2021, it ranked number 14 on the U.S. Social Security Administration's list of most popular girls' names. However, the name's French version, "Elisabeth," is much more unique and adds a distinctly Parisian feel to an otherwise typical name. Beyond the sophisticated and elegant sound of "Elisabeth," the name is one of the most artistic baby names out there. 

French portraitist Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun was one of the few female artists to succeed in the 1700s and 1800s. At a time when women were largely banned from the art world, Elisabeth was accepted as a member of the French Académie Royale, as per Great Britain's National Gallery. Much of her success came from her ability to paint her subjects with great empathy (via The Met). This incredible talent led her to paint portraits for some of the most important members of the French nobility, including thirty portraits of Marie Antoinette. As a result, Elisabeth is the perfect name for a little girl who is empathetic enough to understand different kinds of people. It could also be a revolutionary name meant for a budding feminist who isn't afraid to break social boundaries. 


Claude is a name that has been declining in popularity since the 1980s (via The Bump), but what it lacks in popularity, it makes up for in charm. As the name of several generations' worth of talented figures, "Claude" is perhaps the ultimate artistic baby name. It belonged to Claude Débussy, one of France's most renowned Impressionist musicians (via Encyclopedia Britannica). It also was the name of the revolutionary Harlem Renaissance poet Claude McKay, who used the power of the pen to combat issues like poverty and racism, according to the Poetry Foundation.

It almost also goes without saying that the name Claude left its mark on the visual art world, thanks to the genius of painter Claude Monet. Per the Claude Monet Gallery website, Claude Monet was the "founder of French impressionist painting." His work remains extremely popular, and his paintings are some of the priciest that the market has to offer. CNN reports that in 2019, his painting titled "Haystack" sold for 110.7 million dollars. Meanwhile, in 2022, his artwork was projected on the walls of a popular "immersive experience" exhibit called "Immersive Monet & The Impressionists," as reported by Bloomberg

As such, "Claude" is the ideal artistic baby name for a child whose spirit appeals to people of many different generations. It's also a name that has strong connotations to legacy, given that Claude Débussy, Claude Mckay, and Claude Monet have all left behind admirable and influential works.


Yayoi is a Japanese girls' name with a strong artistic connotation. In fact, the word "Yayoi" itself can refer to the period from 300 B.C. to 300 A.D., when people in Japan used red clay to create pots and haniwa figures (per Beyond these historical connotations, the name "Yayoi" also has a contemporary artistic one. It belongs to one of the most colorful Japanese artists of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, Yayoi Kusama. 

Yayoi Kusama was born in the rural region of Matsumoto, Japan, in 1929, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. Rather than dedicate herself to just one art form, Yayoi has experimented with sketching, action art, design, and performance art, as per the Tate Modern. However, even as she has produced many different kinds of art over the years, Yayoi has remained fascinated by one particular image: the polka dot. With this shape as her inspiration, Yayoi created one of the most popular immersive art experiences to ever circulate. Her exhibition "Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors" became one of the art world's biggest Instagram sensations, drawing a definitive connection between art and social media (per The Atlantic).

Consequently, this name is perfect for a baby who is willing to explore new ideas and experiment with different types of creativity. Yayoi would also be an excellent artistic baby name for someone who wasn't afraid to embrace the future.


This simple two-syllable name is one of the most prominent artistic baby names of all times, as it once belonged to fourth-century Chinese painter Gu Kaizhi. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, we do not know everything about this artist due to time constraints. However, most signs indicate that Gu Kaizhi was a ground-breaking painter who left an indelible mark on Chinese art. He most likely invented new artistic techniques that helped painters create more accurate interpretations of the human figure. He was also a talented writer who often wrote Buddhist guides for acceptable behavior and essays and poems. In that sense, Kaizhi could be a fitting name for a child who is both visual and verbal. 

Beyond the artistic connotations of the name "Kaizhi," its meaning relates to a sense of inventiveness. As per Names Look, Kaizhi could be a good name for someone that's both independent and individualistic. It could also be a great name for someone who is not afraid to be original. Certainly, the artist Gu Kaizhi did not hesitate to challenge the artistic status quo by creating a whole new type of painting methodology.


Ghada is a name of Arabic origin that means "charming" and "graceful," according to The Name Meaning. Per the outlet, this name is most popular outside of the United States, making it an especially unique choice for an American baby. Beyond the name's literal meaning, it also belongs to the Egyptian artist Ghada Amer.

According to her personal website, Ghada was born in Cairo in 1963. When she was still a child, Ghada and her family immigrated to France, where Ghada eventually studied art. Despite the intensity of Ghada's studies, she can hardly be considered a "traditionalist." As noted in a piece in The Culture Trip, this Egyptian artist works with traditionally female mediums of artistic expression, such as embroidery and gardening, and incorporates them into her paintings. As such, her artwork re-appropriates domestic labor and incorporates it into the male-dominated world of fine art. The brilliant subversiveness of Ghada's paintings have not gone unnoticed on an international level — her resumé shows that her creations have been displayed in galleries from Shanghai to New York to London to Istanbul.

Because of the rebellious genius of Ghada's artwork, her name would be perfect for a baby girl with a fighting spirit. As the artist herself produces art using non-traditional mediums, this name would also be fitting for a child who isn't afraid to think outside the box. 


Adjei is not a particularly common name in the United States, even though it sounds like a dressed-up version of the common nickname "AJ." According to Forebears, Adjei was traditionally a common surname for families hailing from the Ashanti region of Ghana. Nonetheless, some people have begun to use this gorgeous West African last name as a first name— And one such person is the renowned Ghanaian artist Adjei Tawiah.

Adjei Tawiah was born in Ghana in 1983, as per Mutual Art. He completed his studies at the Ghanatta College of Art and Design in Accra, where he continues to live and work (via Africanah). His work uses vibrant colors and strong shapes. In an interview with The New York Times (via Christie's), renowned artist Amoako Boafo chose Adjei as an up-and-coming artist who deserves more international attention. The reason for this choice was, according to Boafo, Adjei's technical decision to use sponges in his portrait painting endeavors: "He uses sponge to clothe his powerful subjects, creating colorful, delicately textured portraits."

Because of this context, "Adjei" is a beautiful choice in terms of artistic baby names. As Adjei Tawiah uses so many bright colors in his portraits, the name "Adjei" would suit a baby with a vibrant personality. It would also be a cute name for a child that is extremely tactile, given that the artist Adjei creates such textured work.


Moya is an Ancient Greek baby name that means "mother," according to The Bump. In the case of artist Moya Drying, this name was apropos, as she was arguably the mother of Australian cubism. According to the Australian Dictionary of Biography, Moya Drying was born in Melbourne in 1909. She studied in England, France, and Australia alike, an experience that gave her a unique worldview. Perhaps due to her international perspective, Moya became an avant-garde painter and even produced one of the first Cubist paintings ever to be created in Australia, per Heide. During her time in Paris, Moya became known for her representations of the French countryside (via the Australian Dictionary of Biography). 

As a result of these characteristics, "Moya" is a gorgeous artistic baby name for a child who is close to art and nature. It would also be suitable for a baby girl who is internationally-minded or ready to take on the world. 


This gorgeous three-letter name is unisex, meaning that it could work well for a boy or a girl. As per The Bump, "Ang" shares its origin with the name Angela, or even Angel. Thus, in Western culture, this name means "messenger of God." In Chinese culture, the name "Ang" is also quite regal. According to My China Roots, it can mean "calm," "quiet," or even "king."

In addition to all of its linguistic significance, "Ang" is also an artistic baby name, as it belonged to Chinese-Filipino painter Ang Kiukok. As per Geringer Art, Ang Kiukok was born in 1931 to Chinese parents who immigrated to the Philippines. At home, he studied traditional Chinese brush painting techniques. However, as he got older, he began to study art in more formal settings, such as the University of Santo Tomas in Manila. Ang's work is defined by darker themes, like madness, which he explored through his distinct expressionist style. In 2001, just four years before his death, Ang was officially recognized as the National Artist of the Philippines, according to Culture Trip.

Overall, the name "Ang" is ideal for a baby that is calm or angelic. It could also be a good fit for a child who belongs to multiple cultures or who can understand different ideas that come from more than one country.