The Trendiest Baby Names For 2023 Are Here And They're Not What You Think

Saying the year 2023 out loud seems like a bit of a joke, yet here we are. For some, 2023 will mark the beginning of a brand new adventure — for others, the new year is yet another reminder that time is ticking by. Of all the adulthood tropes that many have not embraced yet, parenthood is one of them. While it used to be commonplace to have a squad of kids big enough for a flag football team by the time you were 21, many people are pushing childbearing further down their timeline. 

The average age for a mom in the U.S. stands at about 26 years of age and the median age for a dad is 31, per The New York Times. It seems clear that parents are delaying having children and are likely going into it with more thought.

In the past, commonplace names like Nick, Bean, Jessica, and Emily were all the rage — think about it, how many Ashleys do you know? And while these Millennial-heavy options were favorites then and are still quite nice today, parents of the 2023 variety are looking for trendy names that are still incredibly unique. Pam Redmond, the founder of Nameberry, attested that new parents are sourcing inspiration from the "reinvention" mood that was ever present in the 1920s — in a post-pandemic world. In a similar vein, parents are grasping for new ideas, reinvigorated classics, and names out of left field.

Boy: Amadeus

The trendiest names for 2023 are here! And if you're a stickler for commonplace monikers like Megan and Robert, these names will take you for a spin. We're kicking things off with one of the trendiest names to pop up for the new year: Amadeus. This name may completely throw you off course, but it's a beloved title that has been around for centuries. Of course, as noted by Oh Baby Names, the name Amadeus is primarily connected to the late great Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who lived from 1756 until 1791. A musical legend whose work is still mainly in circulation to this day, Mozart's impact on child raising has already been felt — think of all the times you've been told to play Mozart for your infant!

As Oh Baby Names points out, the name Amadeus is rooted in Latin and means "love of God" or "Love God." If you are of a particular religious conviction, Amadeus could be a great name to include on your baby name list for consideration. And, of course, if you are a lover of all things classical music, this name should certainly be on there.

Yet another great thing about the name Amadeus is that its trendy popularity is just getting started in 2023, so there hasn't been much use for it. It's likely that your child won't be competing with five other kids named Amadeus in their class — this name is trendy yet unique, the perfect combo.

Girl: Esmeray

When looking for baby name inspiration, it's often a new parent's first instinct to look to pop culture for options. For all the "Twilight" fans who had posters of Edward Cullen strewn throughout their room in 2008, names like Esme and Alice were likely put on the circa iPhone 3 note they had as a running list for their future selves. And while our obsession with the Cullens and our desire to fall in love with a vampire has dampened with time, such names indicative of that glorious period are incredibly trendy looking ahead to 2023. Specifically, the baby name Esmeray is on the list of increasingly popular options, and of all the names on this list, it might be the most beautiful sounding.

Nameberry notes that the name Esmeray means "dark moon," yet another piece of great news for our "Twilight" fans — if Esme was once on your list, Esmeray might be the more modern option you've been looking for. Esmeray is of Turkish origin, a little piece of moniker history for those who consider name heritage. And, when it comes to the trendy news for this name, Nameberry notes that Esmeray has enjoyed a 26% hike in popularity as of publication. So, with all that said, we suggest to any soon-to-be parent that the name Esmeray is the one you've been looking for — this way, you'll get ahead of the trend.

Boy: Ferris

We looked to the past for trending baby names in 2023 for our first options — Amadeus and Esmeray both have a historical connotation and are sure to please any old soul among us. But for those looking for a bit of 1980s-inspired names for their soon-to-arrive little one, look no further than Ferris.

As it stands, Ferris is a name that you don't hear very often. In elementary school, your little boy will most likely be the only kid in his class to bear such a moniker — there will be no Nick F. and Nick T. to compete with — Ferris is a name that can stand on its own two feet (sorry to the Nick's among us). And, of course, the name Ferris is incredibly indicative of the iconic 1986 film "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," starring a young Matthew Broderick and Jennifer Grey. "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," tells the story of a wise-cracking kid, Ferris, and the epic day he partakes in after cutting class. And while skipping school probably isn't the act most parents want their kid to indulge in, adding a hint of cheekiness to your name choice might be the best option for a rambunctious boy.

BabyCenter notes that Ferris is of Irish descent and means "rock." We're not entirely sure if that meaning will do anything for considering parents, but the luck of the Irish might push them into considering this trendy name.

Girl: Chrissy

Speaking of a 1980s renaissance, the name Chrissy has made it onto our trendy baby name list for 2023. The iconic decade of big hair, spandex jazzercise outfits, and enormous shopping malls are largely enjoying a resurgence thanks to the hit Netflix show "Stranger Things." In its most recent season as of publication, young cheerleader Chrissy is the first high schooler to be possessed by the vicious Vecna and is tragically killed in Eddie Munson's trailer. We know what you're thinking: "Why would I want this back story to be connected to my baby in any capacity?" And that's a very fair point. But as it stands, Chrissy is a great name and will most certainly be fondly remembered thanks to its popularity in both the 1980s and the 2020s. Just a cursory scroll through TikTok will even bring the "Chrissy, wake up!" trending song onto your For You page — what's not to love?

Baby Names points out that the name Chrissy is of English origin and derives its meaning from a "diminutive form" of the name Christina. This is good news to anyone who has Christina floating around as a family name — Chrissy is a cute, shortened option that still pays homage to whichever family member you'd like to pay tribute to. And, for yet another pop culture reference, Chrissy was the name of the lead singer of the Pretenders, Chrissy Hynde. This name option is just full to the brim of great 1980s references.

Boy: Marty

We've got one more 1980s-inspired name for you that is making a big comeback as of 2023 — Marty. Yes! The name that brings back images of "Back To The Future" will be big in the new year, and while the name is certainly indicative of one Michael J. Fox, it is also rooted in historical significance.

As noted by The Bump, the name Marty means "dedicated to Mars," so the astrology fans among us may already be getting out their phones to add this name to their list of name considerations. Names like Mars and Ares were once popular options to invoke the name's meaning, but those options are a bit dated. Meanwhile, Marty brings familiarity and spunkiness to an otherwise very rich name (and its deeper meaning keeps on coming). The Bump notes that Marty — a name of Latin origin — is rooted in the "protective Roman god of war" and has been tied to the "connotation" of "warlike." War isn't exactly what we want babies to get involved in, but if you're looking for a name that will give your kiddo the confidence to walk onto the playground like the confident warrior he is, Marty should have you covered. "A strapping name like Marty will empower baby to unapologetically pave their way to success," The Bump notes of the name — sounds great to us.

Girl: Aurelia

We're taking things back to the good old days of "Love Actually" for this trending baby name. In 2023, the name Aurelia is going to pop up as a trendy option for girls — of course, it's the name of the beloved "Love Actually" character who falls in love with Colin Firth's Jamie (but we could talk about that movie forever, so it's best to stop now). The name Aurelia is of Latin origin, Nameberry notes, and means "the golden one." If this is your first baby, perhaps, or a baby with incredibly special meaning — perhaps being welcomed after a loss — the meaning behind this lovely name will strike an emotional chord with soon-to-be parents.

Aurelia has a deep historical significance as a name. Nameberry notes that the historical figure from Roman times, Aurelius, is the name's inspiration. He was known for his golden hair — hence the name's meaning — giving the option yet another layer of intricacy. Want some more depth? Julius Caesar's mother was named Aurelia, as was author Sylvia Plath's mom — both ancient and more modern ties are intertwined with this option. Aurelia is still a bit under the radar as a trending name, but Nameberry points out that it's already received 2% more traffic as of publication than it has in previous times. We suggest adding this name to your baby list sooner rather than later — get it before we have little Aurelias running around everywhere.

Boy: Apollo

This trending baby name of 2023 might come as a bit of surprise given its rich history and roots in Ancient Greece, but if this name list has proven anything, it's that unexpected monikers are in for the new year. The next name on our list of trending baby name options is Apollo, a popular name for a variety of reasons.

Let's start with the historical roots Apollo comes with. As noted by Oh Baby Names, Apollo was the name of a beloved Greek god who represented poetry, music, medicine, prophecy, and, of course, archery. Apollo is often depicted holding a bow and arrow, and his role was to "drive away" evil. Apollo later became associated with light and the sun, Oh Baby Names points out, adding another layer of meaning to this baby name option. If you are perhaps of Greek descent or looking for a name that rejects the plights of this world, Apollo is undoubtedly one you should consider. Of course, if you're looking for a bit of a modern element to this name, Apollo is often connected with famed Olympian Apolo Ohno (note the spelling difference here). The most decorated Winter Olympian in history is yet another source of inspiration for this trending name — so what are you waiting for? Add it to your list.

Girl: Frankie

You know those trendy ladies among us who make dad sneakers look cool and sport bike shorts like they just stepped off the runway? Well, if they find themselves expecting a baby girl, they might want to consider the name Frankie. We know what you might be thinking — Frankie? For a girl? And the answer is YES! The name Frankie is such a sweet, playful name for a little girl and is an unexpected twist. What we love about it is that the name Frankie isn't Hollywood weird — it's not like you're naming your kid Apple — but it's just original enough that your little girl won't be facing any name competition at school.

The name Frankie — both applied to a boy and a girl — means "free man from France," Nameberry notes, which gives us a certain "Les Miserables" interpretation. Frankie is also back in the top 1,000 names in the United States thanks to its ever-growing popularity, and Nameberry even points out that it's received a 13% boost in trendiness as of publication. This could be attributed to high-profile celebs — like Drew Barrymore — who named her little girl Frankie. When celebrities do something for the first time, it normalizes it for the rest of us. We still don't think naming your kid after fruit is ideal, but Frankie should be on your list of considerations.

Boy: Oberon

This trendy baby name for 2023 is for the theater lovers among us. If you never grew out of your Shakespeare phase and are expecting a baby boy, look no further than Oberon. It might strike you as an odd choice, but the name Oberon will be trending in 2023 — for a good reason. As noted by Baby Names, Oberon is of German origin and means "noble bear" — a good option for the nature lovers reading, too. Of course, the name is best associated with the king of the fairies in William Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and is indicative of the childlike wonder we all experienced at a time when fairies, angels, and Santa Clause were all very much real.

Nameberry further points out that in addition to the Shakespeare classic, the name Oberon has been tied to German legends, French songs that have a hero-quality about them, Disney's "Gargoyles," and a variety of operas. The name has also enjoyed a 28% increase in popularity as of publication, clearly showing that expecting parents are interested in this unique, storied option. And — for even further evidence that this name should be on your baby name list — Oberon is considered gender neutral, working for a little boy, girl, or nonbinary fairy.

Girl: Cleopatra

Here's a baby name option that should absolutely get your attention: Cleopatra. A popular name from ancient Egyptian times that is historically linked to an incredibly popular figure, Cleopatra is — and will continue to be — a trending name thanks to its deeply rooted past, nickname capability, and unique quality. As noted by Nameberry, the name is technically of Greek origin and means "glory of the father." And while Greece has a claim to the name, Egypt is largely connected to this famous moniker. 

History details the woman behind the name, one Cleopatra of ancient Egypt, who ruled for about 30 years. Perhaps one of the most famous women in history, Cleopatra was known for her intelligence, political know-how, and dalliances with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. With time, Cleopatra's legacy has been intertwined with her seductive charm and incredible beauty — to this day, many still credit her for popularizing the ever-present cat-eye eyeliner look.

So, with all that said, Cleopatra is an incredible name to consider for your little girl, who could very easily grow up to be a political and academic whiz of her own. And, as Nameberry points out, the name is experiencing a surge in popularity ahead of 2023. With a 53% spike as of publication, Cleopatra is surely being added to a number of baby name lists out there. You may as well get ahead of the curve!

Boy: Draco

Last but certainly not least is Draco. We know what you're thinking — "A 'Harry Potter' name? Really?" But don't blame the messenger- we're here to tell you that Draco is trending and will likely remain popular well into 2023.

Draco is a great name to consider for all you Potterheads out there, Nameberry notes. It's not only a popular name thanks to the beloved books and movie series, but it is deeply rooted in Greek origin and has an exciting meaning: dragon. If you're truly looking for something with a Medieval flare that also pays tribute to one of your favorite characters — which is seriously misunderstood, in our opinion — then Draco should absolutely be on your list.

It's not just us who think it's a great name, either. The name Draco is experiencing a 45% increase in popularity as of publication, clearly showing that it has some power going into the new year. But don't think that naming your kiddo Draco will somehow induct them into the house of Slytherin! One Tom Felton — who brought young Draco Malfoy to life in the "Harry Potter" films — is one of the nicest actors out there, so clearly, the years of filmmaking and Malfoy influence didn't rub off. It sounds like a great option to us!