Ariana Grande Adds A New Fragrance Duo To Her Acclaimed Beauty Portfolio

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When it comes to celebrity forays into the beauty industry, Ariana Grande has found relative success with her business ventures. Her makeup line r.e.m. beauty, which had a space-themed launch, had good reviews from beauty editors/writers and reviewers alike, with the At the Borderline Eyeliner Marker and Midnight Shadows Metallic Gel Eyeshadow being stand-out products from the initial launch, via Elle.

Aside from her makeup company, Grande's self-titled perfume line is probably her most popular beauty venture. Her perfume, Cloud, is her best-selling fragrance, with TikTok influencers swearing by the sweet scent. The fragrance is a warm and spicy gourmand, with notes of creamy coconut and praline meshing with aromatic lavender and bright pear, and bergamot.

Grande has eight fragrances total, with fruity, musky God is a Woman and sugary and saccharine Sweet Like Candy rounding out the top three best-selling perfumes of Grande's perfume collection (via Ulta). Now, she's launching two more fragrances, a duo that's intended to be a modern addition to her scent repertoire.

Ariana Grande's new '60s inspired perfume launch

This month, Ariana Grande released a duo perfume collection, aptly called MOD. The perfumes, MOD Vanilla and MOD Blush, were inspired by the modern subculture that gained popularity in London during the '60s, according to a press release by Grande and LUXE Brands. On her Instagram, Grande's attire, hair, and makeup hearken to the modern subculture, with her halter tops, white gloves, and wispy bangs embracing the "expression and individuality" that she loves about that time.

On her TikTok, Grande describes MOD Vanilla as the "younger sister of Cloud," a sensual gourmand, while MOD Blush is "lighter" and "flirtier." MOD Vanilla's comparison to Cloud comes from the blend of sweet fruits and praline in both. MOD Vanilla has notes of pink freesia, juicy plum, and jasmine, deepened by the addition of orris and cocoa butter.

MOD Blush is a light and fruity amber scent, with passionfruit and Italian bergamot on the top notes. Pink rose petals and fresh magnolia make up the heart notes, with creamy dreamwood and musk rounding out the bottom notes.

The fragrances are available at Ulta, retailing at $68 for a 3.4 oz bottle.