Gifts You Should Definitely Not Buy When You're In A New Relationship

Starting a new relationship can be a lovely time. Everything is light and happy, and the idea of this new person can be exciting. The process of getting to know someone new can be a fun new challenge. However, it can be intimidating to be in a new relationship when it's time to start giving gifts.

Whether it's the holiday season or an upcoming birthday, if you've only been dating for a small amount of time, it can be challenging to decide whether or not to give a gift. In the end, you don't want to be the only one to give a gift or be given a gift and have nothing to give the other person. Host of the Breakup Boost podcast, Trina Leckie, tells HuffPost, "Early in a relationship, [gift giving] can feel a bit awkward because you don't know if they will get you a gift as well. But the thing to keep in mind is, part of giving a gift is not automatically expecting something in return."

If you decide to give a gift to your new significant other, there are a few items you want to steer away from while shopping. These items may put too much pressure on them or give the wrong message.

What you shouldn't give to a new significant other

Before you start freaking out about what gifts you should give, you want to ensure you avoid giving the wrong gift.

Reuters recommends straying away from any gift that may look like too much commitment too fast. This rule includes any type of jewelry that can get mistaken for something serious. With a new relationship, you don't want to give the incorrect impression that you want to move quickly. On the same note, avoid giving any type of lingerie, as these items can give the impression that you are not taking the other person seriously. Along with these items, you want to avoid giving something impersonal like gift cards, re-gifted items, kitchen items, or chocolates/flowers. These items show a lack of effort and time, giving the other person the impression that they are simply an afterthought.

It can be challenging to find a balance between not being too serious and not too casual. Nancy Nichols recommends avoiding anything that reads too much into it. Nichols recommends staying away from any type of scrapbook or framed photo. These two are too serious and may cause unwanted pressure on the relationship. On the other hand, you want to avoid things like clothing. Apart from the fact that clothing is too casual, you'll most likely not know their correct size and style at this point in your relationship.

What do you give in a new relationship

Even though it seems like there's almost no good gift to give a new significant other, there are some ideas if you want to continue the relationship on a good path.

Earn Spend Live recommends listening to your new partner's likes and dislikes and going from there. If they are into superheroes, try gifting them a comic book or a themed package of gifts. The same can go if they are into anything specific, from cooking to fitness. The idea is to gift something that can be practical to their everyday life without seeming like a random item.

Instead of stressing out over whether they will like something or not, go for the safe options. Your Tango suggests gifting something you both can do. Try thinking of dates that the two of you have already done together and enjoyed, you can then give them something to keep these good times going. One option is a date night subscription box that contains ideas for future date nights. You can also go for a board game or cookbook that you can do together.

If you are nervous about what to get your new partner, make sure you communicate with them to establish a budget beforehand or determine whether you will not be giving each other gifts. This communication eliminates the uncertainty and nerves surrounding gift-giving in a new relationship.