The One Character General Hospital Fans Don't Want In Britt's End-Of-Life Storyline

Although the Metro Court Hotel's rooftop pool is closed for the season on "General Hospital," fans haven't forgotten about the time Josh Kelly's character, Cody Bell, parachuted onto it as a publicity stunt for a dating app soirée — accidentally knocking Dr. Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) into the pool in the process (via Soap Opera Spy). From the moment they met, fans were not happy about a Cody and Britt pairing

When Cody started getting to know her, he seemed unsurprised to learn that Britt's father was Cesar Faison (Anders Hove). Celebrating the Soaps even speculated that Cody was a WSB agent investigating Britt after she previously went on the run with her criminal father. Britt's had bad luck with men in the past but she finally allowed herself to open up to Cody. In fact, she even revealed to him that her evil half-brother Peter August (Wes Ramsey) — also dead — left her some items which included a key to a safety deposit box containing a diamond necklace. 

Britt had it investigated, subsequently learning that it belonged to Leopold Taub (Charles Lucia), another deceased villain who may have been Cody's real father. After taking a DNA test, Cody pretended that Leopold was indeed his father, and attempted to claim the necklace, per Soap Opera Spy. This raised the ire of fans who felt he was scamming Britt. Now that Thiebaud is leaving Britt and "General Hospital" behind, viewers are expressing their vehement desire to keep Cody out of her life. 

General Hospital fans want Britt to look elsewhere

Facing possible death from Huntington's disease, Britt has decided to throw herself a birthday bash on "General Hospital," per Celeb Dirty Laundry. Over on Twitter, the show's official account posted: "Britt is running out of time and she refuses to slow down for Cody. Should she be more receptive to his advances?" The majority of responses from long-time fans were very negative, including: "No he's a liar and a con man!"

One viewer stated, "You want her to slow down so she'd make an easier target for him? We all know he'd just use her dying to try to worm himself into her will or something. Stay strong Britt!" Some respondents noticed a possible Britt and Austin Gatlin-Holt (Roger Howarth) pairing, arguing, "Nope! She should have a tryst w Austin bf she leaves the show," with many agreeing the two have serious chemistry. As one fan put it: "She should be more receptive to people that tell her she's vibrant, beautiful and feisty, like Austin." 

A handful of viewers praised the Britt/Cody pairing with one writing, "They have pretty awesome chemistry! Give Britt one last hurrah before the character leaves. I'm gonna miss her!" with another adding, "Yes! I love them! You can tell Britt has feelings for him, despite her denial. Cody has feelings for her too, otherwise, he wouldn't want forgiveness." One viewer gleefully posted, "Remind me never to ask you people to set me up on a blind date."