Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth Addresses Speculation She's Having Twins

Joy Anna-Duggar Forsyth, one of the 19 siblings that starred on TLC's show "19 Kids and Counting" — which has since been canceled after Josh Duggar's child and sex abuse scandals — announced her pregnancy with her third child on Instagram back in October. Duggar-Forsyth, who has a YouTube channel where she vlogs her life with her husband, Austin Forsyth, and children, revealed a scary pregnancy update in which she is at a higher risk of blood clots and thus has a high-risk pregnancy. "I am now going to have to start doing shots daily, take blood thinners, a lot more vitamins, and then deliver early as well," Duggar-Forsyth said in a vlog


Perhaps, in part, because of her high-risk pregnancy, fans have been vigilant about Duggar Forsyth's behavior; she is catching heat for this risky activity – riding a four-wheeler with her young daughter sans helmets — which had Redditors seeing red. One commented in shock: "and her phone in her hand to boot!"

Now, Duggar-Forsyth is facing further speculation, this time about the size of her belly. Is she keeping some important pregnancy news from her fans?

Fans speculate Duggar-Forsyth is carrying twins

Some curious fans noticed that Duggar-Forsyth's belly at 15 weeks seemed larger than what would be expected around that time after she posted a photo on Instagram. "Are you sure there's only one in there ???" commented one Instagram user. "Is it twins???" another user commented. Others chimed in to support Duggar-Forsyth: "Everyone saying 'maybe there's two in there' you are so offensive . . . you aren't funny or cute commenting on the size of a woman's bump," one user wrote.


Duggar-Forsyth then set the record straight on her Instagram story. "The reality is, I show really early," she clarified. "Like, I've always shown early, I've always had a bump." She continued that even with her son, "I thought for sure I was having twins because he was my first pregnancy and I had a good size bump at 10 weeks."

She concluded: "It's just how I am, how my body works. Everybody's different."