February Pisces Vs. March Pisces: What's The Difference?

When it comes to members of the zodiac, each sign is unique with its own qualities and characteristics that make them special. This is particularly true for Pisces. The water sign is the 12th sign of the zodiac. It is represented by two fish, which swim in different directions (via Mind Body Green). Those born under the sign have birthdays that range from February 19 to March 20. While all Pisces have their own specific traits, the sign is known for being very sensitive and showing empathy for those around them. However, their sensitive nature can sometimes lead them to be a bit naive in certain situations.

Pisces is known for being very creative and can often have their head in the clouds. However, their sweet and generous spirit make them very lovable to all those who know them. According to Pure Wow, Pisces are very intelligent and easily inspired by life. The water sign has a reputation for being able to use both their heads and their hearts equally while navigating ups and downs, and are often admired for the pure joy and love for life that they seem to easily possess. However, it's not all fun and games when it comes to Pisces — which possesses some toxic traits. The sign can often be moody and can get a bit confrontational when provoked.

Of course, not all Pisces are the same, and there are big differences between those born in February and those who celebrate their birthdays in March.

February Pisces are creative and dreamy

Pisces who are born in February are said to be a bit more creative than their March counterparts. These people are said to be heavily drawn to the arts, especially when it comes to music or performance, per Bustle. February Pisces is also a bit more laid back. They love to run with the flow of life and not be tied down by rules and restrictions. However, this can often lead to them having issues with respecting the boundaries and limits of others.

According to Mysticado, February Pisces have a reputation for being very trusting, as they like to see the best qualities in everyone. Sadly, this means that they can often be manipulated or betrayed by some people they choose to put their trust in. Those born in February may also suffer from low self-esteem. Their moods can ebb and flow with their confidence issues at the root of the problem. The sign also has a problem standing up for themselves from time to time.

Because Pisces are so dreamy, some may take things too far and use their imagination and creativity as a means to escape the things in life they are unhappy with. February Pisces may take things too far when it comes to hiding from reality and are sadly prone to addictive behavior.

March Pisces can be adventurous and sensitive

According to Bustle, February Pisces may be more creative, but those born in March are more sensitive as many of them are co-ruled by the moon. They tend to feel everything more deeply, which could make them an easy target for those looking to suck their energy with their own toxic traits. While most Pisces are open books when it comes to their thoughts and emotions, those born in March tend to be a little more closed off than their fellow fish. They can keep secrets a bit easier and are more protective as well. March-born Pisces can also show off their competitive side more so than their February counterparts. They allow themselves to go for what they want and are not afraid to be intense or a little ruthless to achieve their goals.

Mysticado notes that March Pisces have a more adventurous spirit that allows them to make their dreams come true more often. Those born in March also have a higher sense of confidence and optimism, and while they are still known as heavy dreamers, they tend to have a better grasp on reality than those born in February. Unfortunately, March Pisces can hold grudges and won't be as willing to forgive those who have wronged them, making them a bit more vindictive in nature.

While many Pisces are known for being creative, sensitive, dreamy, and fun, there are some vast differences between those born in February and those born in March.