How To Feel Comfortable And Confident When You're Getting Photos Taken

Whether you are getting married, hosting a big event, scheduling engagement photos, or even graduating, you can expect to be the main focus of many photos. For many of us, we are used to having every moment of our lives captured on film. But there is a big difference between a candid selfie or Snapchat video and a staged professional shoot. No matter how many selfies you post, you may be weary about getting in front of a professional photographer and posing and you're not alone. Camera shyness is a common occurrence, and in fact, per Loom, a medical term describing those who avoid being on camera.

But getting your photo taken doesn't have to be scary. And in a world of everything digital, having concrete, professional images is more important than ever, especially for loved ones that will one day hope to remember you, per Petruzzo Photography. If the idea of being in front of a photographer has you sweating, there are ways to combat your fear.

Pick a photographer that makes you feel comfortable

Quite possibly the most important piece of advice when it comes to feeling confident in front of the camera is to find the right photographer. Don't be afraid to seek out a few different options before settling on one and when you do choose one, make sure it is someone who makes you feel comfortable. According to Petruzzo Photography, many photographers come with their own judgements and biases about you, so you want to be sure you choose someone who helps you look great and is a calming presence during the photoshoot. They recommend looking at behind-the-scenes videos of their shoots (if possible) and even being upfront about your insecurities to see if that is something they can handle.

Once you do find the right photographer, Olivia Bossert Education recommends getting to know your photographer well. Even if you are unable to meet in person beforehand, scour their social media to get a sense of who they are as an individual and also how they photograph. Knowing a bit about them will help you feel friendlier and less shy when the big photoshoot day occurs.

Pick your outfit wisely

Whether your photo shoot is casual or uber-fancy, you still need to put a lot of thought into your outfit and your overall look. And while getting your hair and makeup done and choosing a gorgeous outfit is key, there is a lot more to it than that. According to Petruzzo Photography, you want to choose an outfit that allows you to focus on anything but what you are wearing. This means that comfort is key. Avoid any clothing that forces you to readjust throughout the shoot or makes you feel uncomfortable when sitting down or turning a certain way. This can even be as simple as choosing your go-to earrings rather than a new pair which can weigh you down and make you feel off balance.

But looking good for the shoot goes beyond your clothing. According to TechSmith, you also want to pay attention to things like your posture (don't slouch!) and your body language. A good photographer should be able to help remind you of these things, so you don't have to worry too much about them, but before your shoot, consider a few practice runs in the mirror so you can see how it looks when you are sitting hunched over or smiling without your teeth.

Don't stress too much

While there are many little tips you can follow, like finding the right lighting, April J. Harris suggests putting your tongue to the roof of your mouth to tighten your face and keeping your shoulders down. And perhaps one of the most important pieces of advice you can receive before a shoot is to have fun. Express your feelings of discomfort with your photographer ahead of time so they know to keep things light and airy. Petruzzo Photography recommends asking your photographer if they can book a longer session with you, so you have time to breathe and unwind between shots. Taking things slowly can help ease your anxiety and also give you a chance to bond more with your photographer.

At the end of the day, this photoshoot is about you, so don't feel shy about asking for what you want and what you need on the big day. And if all else fails, Olivia Bossert Education says to simply "fake it until you make it." Pretend to be confident and that confidence is sure to shine through in your final photos.