'90s Hairstyles We Think Will Make A Comeback In 2023

Fashion and beauty aficionados have been all about the '90s for the past few years (via Davines). We all know that trends are cyclical and what seems totally dated today may be every it-girl's obsession tomorrow. Think about it –- just a few years ago, most of us would've scoffed at the concept of low-rise jeans and claw clips, and just look at what fashionistas are sporting now. Yep –– low-rise jeans and claw clips. Well, as we approach 2023 and make our predictions about what will be on-trend in the new year, we're setting our sights on some of our favorite 1990s hairstyles. 

If you're ready for a totally life-changing haircut to usher in the new year or even just a hair accessory to add a trendy finishing touch to your look, we've got all the best '90s hair trends that we think we'll be seeing this coming year and exactly what to do to rock them in a modern way. 

The Rachel

When it comes to 1990s hairstyles, there's nowhere to start but "the Rachel." What other single haircut has made the splash that "The Rachel" did? While Jennifer Aniston may have said that her iconic "Friends" haircut wasn't her favorite, that doesn't change how many people absolutely loved it (via People). In 1995, hairstylist, Chris McMillan, created the piece-y, layered haircut specifically for Aniston's famous "Friends" character, Rachel (per Legit). Before long, folks from all over were lining up at McMillan's salon to try out the cut for themselves. Now that the Rachel renaissance is in full swing, we recommend going for highlights, short layers, and maybe some loose bangs to make the hairstyle modern for 2023. 

Face-framing layers

Maybe you're in search of something inspired by "The Rachel" that's a little bit easier to pull off. Well, cutting some face-framing layers may just be the answer to your hair quandary. Of course, layers were all-the-rage in the '90s, and getting a face-framing haircut is a great way of incorporating a textured, voluminous feel to your hair (per Byrdie). Face-framing layers are flattering and easy for most face shapes and hair types, according to Southern Living. Plus, they work whether your hair is long or short and regardless of how you want to style it.


What happens when you have face-framing layers, and you pull your hair back?  You get tendrils that slip out of your top knot or messy ponytail and make your updo 10 times cuter. Tendrils frame your face and give you an effortless yet flirty updo without having to put in too much work when styling (via Legit). When making your tendrils fit your look perfectly, just a bit of texturizing spray can go a long way and add some volume to your easy breezy bun or ponytail. 

Messy bun

Tendrils pair with messy buns like PB&J. And, who doesn't love the ease and effortless cuteness of a messy bun? Messy buns were all-the-rage in the '90s and for very good reason: this style is as easy as it is cute (via Legit). Remember to pull those tendrils down out of your bun for a cooler look, and keep in mind that a high bun makes your face look longer. If you have a face that's on the rounder side, place your bun high on your head; if you've got a longer face, move the bun a bit lower, and voila: the perfect go-to hairstyle.

High ponytail

In the same vein as the messy bun, the high ponytail is back (via Who What Wear). Besides being a super easy way of looking put-together, the high pony gives your face that natural, snatched look that will have you looking and feeling bright-eyed and ready to go on even your most under-caffeinated days. Pair it with bangs or a hair accessory; give it big volume or a little flip. Just remember to make sure your hair is sleek and frizz-free to pull off the look. 


Whether you're rocking that high pony or a messy bun, adding a scrunchie is sure to add a touch of fun to your updo (via Davines).  Pair it with your top knot and face-framing layers, and you'll have the look of an effortless it-girl, or wrap it around your space buns for a little added interest. From big and fluffy to small and sparkly, there are so many scrunchies out there to choose from, and they'll all add just a bit of interest to your look. 

Butterfly clips

Another hair accessory that we have a feeling we'll be seeing more of in 2023 is the classic butterfly clip. Butterflies have had a moment for the past few Spring/Summer seasons (via The Zoe Report). We've also seen a rise in hair accessories from claw clips to barrettes, which is, of course, utterly '90s, Today reported. It's really no surprise, then, that we may be seeing the butterfly clips of our youth making a comeback. No matter what '90s-inspired hairstyle you go for, why not add a little touch that makes it look like a butterfly simply landed in your hair? It's just too cute to pass up. 

Baby Spice's signature do

Isn't it about time we "spice up our lives?" We sure think so, and what better way to do it than with this hairstyle that somehow simultaneously screams the 1990s and Gen-Z? From Baby Spice's signature high pigtails paired with long, straight bangs to Britney Spears's iconic "Baby One More Time" low braided pigtails, the double ponytail had quite a grip on the '90s, according to Bustle. We can totally see this whimsical way of wearing your hair coming back into style in 2023 and getting paired with some of our other favorite aspects of the '90s hair reboot, from crimping to scrunchies (via Davines). If you want to rock a '90s it-girl-inspired look you gotta get with pigtails. 


Time to break your old crimping iron out of its two-decade-long hibernation and channel your inner Lizzie McGuire: crimped hair is back, Davines notes. Yes –- this is less of a 2023 hair prediction and more of a verifiable truth, considering the fact that trendsetters like Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande have already been seen bringing crimping back (per More). To make crimps work for you and feel like an updated version, rather than a bad blast from the past, keep your roots smooth and transition into crimped hair a bit lower down on your strands. Alternatively, pull your hair back, and crimp only what's in the high ponytail.

Bangs galore

From curtain bangs to baby curtain bangs to edgy micro bangs, bangs are in style in so many ways (via Davines). Bangs go hand-in-hand with face-framing layers and textured cuts, but no matter what hairstyle you have, there's almost surely a bang style that will fit you. While cutting your own bangs in a moment of impulsiveness is notoriously frowned upon, we do love the idea of trimming some fresh fringe to get out of your hair rut without making too much of a commitment. If you are considering a snip-snip, you may consider cutting some bangs on the longer side to ease your way in. 

Pixie cut

If you'd rather feel the breeze on your scalp than the wind through your hair and would prefer to spend your time doing things other than blowdrying, the pixie cut is for you. Cropped locks never go out of style, but the pixie, in particular, gives us major '90s flashbacks. Whether your hair is straight or curly and you want to leave it a bit longer and parted or super-short, the pixie will give you options, and all of them will look fresh and feel low-maintenance, per Davines

Space buns

We've seen space buns on their way back to earth for the past few seasons, so it's no surprise that they'll be in our orbit again for 2023. Space buns are whimsical and funky, and they may seem a bit daunting, since there's a high risk of looking like Mickey Mouse. There are tons of ways to wear space buns to make them work for you (via InStyle). From big and loose to small and sleek, try some different styles of space buns, and you're sure to find a version of the fun updo that works for you.

French braids

We love the idea of a french braid renaissance for so many reasons (per Legit). Once you know how to give yourself the perfect french braid, it's a great way of doing something quick, easy, and heat-free to your hair that leaves you looking perfectly put-together all day. Plus, you can easily incorporate plenty of other '90s trends. A single french braid looks perfect with bangs and tendrils. You can also have two french braids to channel that Britney Spears pigtail look. We even love upside-down french braids on the back of your head that end in space buns. 

Box braids

If you want your 2023 hair to be long and luxurious, 1990s-inspired box braids à la Janet Jackson just may be your perfect look (via Legit). If you're in search of coolness and comfort, opt for the knotless box braid, which does away with the knot at your scalp and lets your hair feel easy and light (via Zenoti). If you want to go full '90s, keep two things in mind: the longer the better, and boldly dyed braids are your friends.

Micro braids

Braids never go out of style, but when we're channeling all things '90s in 2023, micro braids are sure to make a comeback. This means long braids that are extra skinny, and yes –- it takes a long time to make them happen, so make sure you're prepared for the commitment (via Cosmopolitan). When it comes to '90s-inspired micro braids, think the more the merrier and the smaller the better. And, if you need a little 2023 braid inspo, throw on some "Moesha" reruns and let Brandy's signature 1990s it-girl look be your guide, according to Who What Wear

Layered curls

Curly girls, rejoice! As texture and volume are in, gone are the days of flattening our curls. As a result, we're leaning into our unique texture and adding layers to our curls to give them even more va-va-voom (via Davines). Don't be afraid to cut some curly micro bangs, or just channel Hilary Banks in "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" and top your curls with a statement hat, as Who What Wear suggests. You can't get much more '90s chic than that. 

Asymmetrical flip

For those of us who have lamented the death of the side part in favor of the ever-unforgiving-of-asymmetrical-faces middle part, our time of suffering or being labeled "cheugy" is coming to an end. The side part is likely to come back –- just in a very specific way. We all remember that messy, effortless flipped-to-one-side hair that '90s starlets loved to rock. Well, from Zendaya to Rihanna, our modern-day trendsetters are proving that this look is back, and it's a great way to make the side part look fresh and cool, per Legit. Just style your hair on the opposite side of where you plan to part it; then, give your hair a rough, slightly messy part for high volume. 

Swoop bangs

Another modern yet nostalgic way of making the side part your own is by embracing the swoopy side bang. Aaliyah fans remember how chic the star looked with one eye covered with sleek black strands (per Davines). To make this look your own and feel 2023 fashion-forward, make sure your hair is smooth, sleek, and extra shiny. And to ensure your side bangs are Gen-Z chic, rather than a bad early aughts flashback, give yourself a deep part and bangs that are on the longer side. 

Middle part

If you have fallen head (of hair) over heels for the middle part trend, don't worry –– your day in the sun isn't over. The middle part remains classic, and it's a great way to embrace the '90s if you're in search of a less voluminous hairstyle, as Davines suggests. If you opt to go for the middle part, make sure that your hair is smooth, silky, and frizz-free to perfect a look that's both understated and a little bit statement-making at the same time.

Half-up/ half-down

Volume and texture are definitely in this season, and as the wave of the '90s continues, so will the ways to pump up the volume on your locks. The half-up/half-down hairdo is an easy way to give your hair that extra volume and added texture, even if you have hair that tends to flatten out (via Legit). From tendrils to scrunchies to that fabulous high pony, and especially those hard-to-pull-off space buns, the half-up/half-down style can be a great way to wade into many '90s hair trends that you'd love to try on for size, according to InStyle.

Chunky highlights

Highlights are always in style in one way or another, but back in the '90s, the highlights were high drama. Instead of blending balayage or perfecting ombre, highlights were more of a bold accessory than an attempt at looking natural with layers of color (via Who What Wear). That said, this trend has to be done right in order to have the desired effect. Hairstylist to the stars, Nicola Clarke, told Nylon that "well-done clean colors and good sectioning helps with making it not sloppy." And, don't be afraid to use your chunky highlights as a way to experiment with colors.


There's something about Mary('s hair). Over 20 years later, we still haven't gotten over Cameron Diaz's effortlessly cool bob seen in "There's Something About Mary." It's as easy to style as it is chic, and who doesn't want a 'do like that as we head into the new year? Whether you have curly or straight hair, giving your locks the old chop and opting for an easy breezy, face-framing look is the perfect way to let your beauty shine and shave quite a bit of time off your beauty routine, per Zenoti. As far as we're concerned, getting a '90s bob for 2023 is technically self-care. 

Bubble braids

For those of us who hate the act of hair braiding or just want something a little bit trendier, the bubble braid is the '90s inspire solution you're searching for. This look is so simple: all you need are small hair elastics (via Davines). Pull your hair into a ponytail or even pigtails if you're really feeling the '90s mood. Space your hair ties evenly from the top to the bottom of your ponytail. Feel free to pull on the "bubbles" of hair between the hair ties a bit to give a looser, more casual look, or keep them sleek and smooth. 

Flippy Bob

Back in the day, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were the ultimate it-girls. This super smooth, straight hair with flipped up ends was one of their signatures (via Davines). To perfect this look, you'll want a layered bob with a middle part. Make sure that your hair is straight and smooth before ironing or blowdrying your ends up. Add a bit of your favorite texturizing spray to make sure that your flippy bob is more '90s Olsen Twins and less '60s "Mad Men." 

Pretty in Pink

Last but certainly not least, we're ready to go pink and punk like '90s Gwen Stefani (via Stylist). Pastel-colored hair has been popular in the past few years; it's time to move from the lavender locks of yore to the pretty pale pink hair of 2023. Opt for a light tone on light or bleached hair, and don't be afraid to experiment with turning only parts of your hair pretty in pink and letting its natural beauty shine through everywhere else as Kaia Gerber did. Now that's how to do the '90s but updated.