Everything You Need To Know About MAC's Whitney Houston Collection

Whitney Houston has made a huge impact on pop culture, but it's not just her beautiful voice and insane talent that have inspired others — it was her look as well. According to US Magazine, Houston was known for her signature smokey eye and her bold makeup looks on and off the stage. Her style has lived on beyond her passing, and makeup lovers and Whitney lovers alike have been trying to recreate her look for themselves — and now they can.

The new MAC Whitney Houston collection is everything fans could want from a makeup line. According to Allure, MAC worked closely with Houston's estate, specifically her sister and longtime manager, to ensure that each piece of the collection was true to Houston. Many of the products include the word "Nippy," which is Houston's childhood nickname, giving it an even more personal feel. But MAC and the Houston estate did not stop there — MAC is making a $25,000 donation to the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Houston's honor, ensuring that this new collection not only helps women everywhere feel beautiful on the outside, but also helps the younger generation find their inner beauty. Here's everything you can expect from the MAC Whitney Houston collection.

Lipstick in Nippy's Feisty Red

Beyond her signature smokey eye, Whitney Houston was also known for her red lip, per Allure. One of the most iconic items in her MAC collection is the feisty red lipstick. This color is part of the "amplified" lipstick collection, meaning it is super long-lasting, ultra creamy, and hydrating all at once, according to MAC Cosmetics. And quite possibly the only thing prettier than the bright red hue is the outer packaging. The lipstick comes wrapped in gold, making you feel like a celebrity before you even put it on.

Lipstick in Nippy's Moody Nude

If red isn't your thing and you want a lipstick that you can rock every day, consider the moody nude color. According to MAC Cosmetics, this color is a "brownie pink nude" and offers shine and a semi-glossy finish. PopSugar also raves about this item because it can be used as an addition to your favorite liner for a more bold look, or by itself for an every-day color. And if you really want to channel your inner Whitney, you'll want both colors from the collection. According to Allure, she loved to experiment with lip colors and changed it up quite often. Her full collection allows you to do that, too.

Lipglass in Nippy's Shimmery Gold

If you're hoping Whitney Houston's makeup collection will make you stand out from the crowd, don't skimp on the lipglass collection. One of the colors it comes in is shimmery gold, which is sure to make even a pair of sweats feel glamorous. The lipglass will give your lips that shine you crave, and with the addition of gold flakes, PopSugar says it's a must-have for those attempting to channel their inner '90s. Plus, not only does the lipglass keep your lips glossy, it also hydrates and smooths your lips at the same time.

Lipglass in Nippy's Shimmery Cinnamon

Nippy's Shimmery Cinnamon is a lipglass in a cooper color that will have all drama-craving makeup lovers stocking up. PopSugar recommends adding the darker-hued lipglass on top of your lipstick to keep your look warm, but you can also use it on its own for a shimmery, simpler look. Inside the signature gold packaging of the lipglass is jojoba oil, making it awesome for your lips, and Mac's signature high-gloss formula, making it the ultimate addition to your makeup bag.

80 Romantic Lash

It wouldn't be a Whitney Houston-inspired makeup collection if we weren't focusing on the eyes. According to Allure, Houston's "diva eyes" were iconi,c and although her red lipstick was a standout staple of hers, her eye makeup was also a big part of her beauty routine. Which is why her MAC collection includes the 80 Romantic Lash set, a beautiful pair of false lashes that will give you that wispy, '90s look Houston is known for. And the best part? The lash set is handmade and comes in a fancy gold case, so they can be reused and even reshaped many times as long as you care for them.

Powder Blush in Nippy's Pink Rose

Whitney Houston may be known for her eyes and her lips, but no makeup routine — hers included — is complete without blush. The Nippy's Pink Rose blush is ideal for light to medium skin tones, per PopSugar, and adds color and shine, acting as a blush and highlighter in one. MAC describes the color as a coral pink and infuses the product with Vitamin E, so it applies seamlessly to your skin and is easy to blend with your foundation and other face makeup. Not to mention the gorgeous gold case it comes in — this one is a must-have.

Powder Blush in Nippy's Plum Rose

The Nippy's Plum Rose powder blush has the same great formula as the pink rose color, including the Vitamin E, but has a darker tone that is closer to a mauve or purplish pink look. The texture is shimmery and per PopSugar, is not only great for your cheeks, but also makes a great addition to your eyes as an eyeshadow base. Allure spoke with Pat Houston, the executor of Whitney Houston's estate, to say that the variety in color and usage is inspired by Whitney's love of mixing up different colors in her makeup routine. Using the powder blush will help you do just that.

Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Just Whitney

When most people think of Whitney Houston, they think of her mega star power and her natural way of lighting up any room she walked into. If you are looking for an iota of that shine, the Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Just Whitney will help you get there. It is a liquid-powder highlighter in a golden-bronze shade, giving your skin shine and dimension. PopSugar recommends this product for medium to darker skin tones for a true sun-kissed look, but any skin tone is sure to love this shade.

Eyeshadow Palette in Whitney's Nippy Eye-conic Palette

Whitney loved color in her makeup look, per Allure, so it makes sense that her MAC collection would include an eyeshadow palette superior to many others on the market. The palette has eight different shades, all of which can help you create Whitney's signature smokey eye look. The colors range from a light nude and blue-grey to black and a shimmery plum. And every single color in the palette is long-wearing (think 8 hours without wearing off!) and safe for skin and contact-lenses.

The MAC x Whitney Houston makeup collection is available at Mac Cosmetics and Macy's, as well as online.